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This was totally unexpected! Much like the Man of Steel promo art, these are not actual pictures of the actors in their costumes, but it is just as beautiful! As to not confuse you, here are the two images we have seen lately:

  • The Batman IMAX poster without the Superman logo
  • The Batman IMAX poster without the Superman logo--untouched and the upper body

Now, I present to you astonishing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promo art. The first piece:

Enter the Knight

Regular Batman Costume
Regular Batman Costume

"Enter the Knight" was the title for the fake announcement that Batman v Superman would be split into two parts. For clarification, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will only be one movie. However, "Enter the Knight" does tell us what's happening and sounds amazing.

Batman looks absolutely badass. There's no denying that. Everything, including (but not limited to) the metallic belt, long cape, seams, the cowl, and logo is simply awesome. My only criticism with this image is that he does not look bulky enough. In the trailer and other images, he looks much bigger. Nonetheless, it's art and is fun to look at.

An Ideal of Hope

New costume
New costume

This is true beauty. As we know, it's a tweaked version of the first Man of Steel costume. Visible here are the gold on his new gauntlets (or whatever you want to call them). In this image, he is in his iconic flying pose. I can't help but wonder where he is flying to. Will he stop a flying building? Is he on is way to fight a villain? Here's another look at his Kryptonian colonizing suit.

New costume
New costume

The costume is much brighter and I like the change. Superman should always wear vibrant tights and it seems Warner Bros. has gotten the right colors. The Superman Returns costume had a darker shade of red for the symbol, cape, and boots, while the Man of Steel costume had a darker shade of blue for the tights. This new look definitely will help contrast with the Dark Knight Detective.

Beware the Batman

Heroes will clash
Heroes will clash

I'd imagine that this would be over the first Batman costume. It is epic. I cannot wait to see him fighting Superman on the big screen. To suffice, here are boxing-style promotional images.

Batman vs. Superman

This art should be self-explanatory. Of course, that last image is a little weird, since it shows 2013's Man of Steel costume.

Thanks for viewing these images and I hope you're at least half excited for the film as I am.

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