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Reid Jones

The first FULL look at the armored batsuit is here, and it is absolutely stellar. With Batfleck taking cues from Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man suit, this robotic masterpiece has a serious chance of putting Superman into place, even if he is played by Henry Cavill!

The report comes from 'El Mayimbo' himself, Umberto Gonzalez, a well-known film journalist for having the inside scoops on some of the biggest films, most notably in the superhero realm of cinema, and his accuracy rating are pretty trustworthy! Earlier yesterday, the very first look at Ben Affleck from the waste up in the batsuit with full color (seen on the left) was revealed with mixed responses, however this image may clear up some concerns.

Taking into consideration the film is called "Batman v Superman", and Superman could likely destroy the first suit to bits, I'm willing to bet Bruce Wayne will be in the armored suit a bit more during the film. What do you think of the official artwork?


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