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Look - I REALLY like Star Wars.

So tomorrow is the big day--- the day where everyone who nerdgasmed at the first Avengers film and followed every Marvel project thereafter gets to party. Really. F**king. Hard. (So, me.) I loved the first film despite its acceptable plot holes and minor flaws. It's fun, witty, and the first time anyone has successfully put a number of popular heroes on screen at the same time. However, this sequel does make me quite nervous. Not because I think it will be bad, no. It will be tons of fun and it will make enough money to buy a small country. But I have my concerns, as I fear this movie won't live up to the first one. Here are 3 things I hope I don't see tomorrow in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also, minor spoilers if you haven't looked closely at any of the trailers. But don't worry, they weren't exactly subtle.

1. Similar Beats to The Avengers

"Do we come to your planet and blow stuff up?"
"Do we come to your planet and blow stuff up?"

The Avengers had to come together to catch Loki. They don't get along. Then Loki makes them turn on each other. They start to lose. Then they work as a team. They start to win. Happy ending, Loki is in cuffs.

Judging by the ungodly amount of trailers and promos, that is exactly how this movie seems like it will play out. Ultron declares he wants to "tear them apart" and we see Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch controlling various heroes' minds with her still-ambiguously defined powers. This leads me to believe that there will be some more unnecessary Avenger vs. Avenger skirmishes. We've all seen the Hulkbuster take on the Hulk in many of the trailers, something I'm sure we have Scarlet Witch to thank for, but I don't want it to be another set of misunderstandings that cause our heroes to constantly fight each other. Sure, it's fun to watch, but I don't need to see them fight each other again. I want to see them come together to fight a truly fearsome villain. Speaking of which----

2. A Forgettable Villain

Ultron, MCU and comic comparisons.
Ultron, MCU and comic comparisons.

Marvel's Cinematic Universe has a bit of a crap-villain track record. All signs point to Ultron being a badass, but I can't help but worry. Everyone loves Loki, Bucky makes a great anti-hero, and Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin portrayal in Netflix's Daredevil is something to behold--- however all of the other MCU villains are somewhat forgettable. Unless you count Thanos, who as of right now is more like a kid dressed as a tree in a grade school play, rather than an ACTUAL character. The most interesting Marvel villains are always the ones who perceive themselves as in the right. Give us someone intriguing, scary, and truly magnetic. HEHEHEH YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE but seriously. Ultron should NOT be forgettable.

3. Under-developed Narratives

The MCU Future
The MCU Future

Since Marvel has announced an ambitious slew of films and already has a steady set of TV ventures lined up, I can only hope that easter eggs, references, and set-ups will be planted in Age of Ultron like they never have been before. Every Marvel movie is loaded with them, sure, but they need these other narrative threads started as soon as possible. With Ant-Man's hype not lifting off quite yet, Spidey's recent induction into the MCU, and the already anticipated Civil War, Marvel has more than enough prepping to do for future story arcs.

It also doesn't help that phase three contains many characters and franchises that have almost zero mainstream exposure. If they're smart, which they totally f**king are, they'll set a lot of this up early.

So what do YOU want to see in Age of Ultron? What do you NOT want to see? You should totally comment below and tell me! Or don't. I don't blame you. Go see the movie, have fun, geek out, and of course:


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