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Hey guys, yesterday I posted about the theoretical idea based on some vague fact-ish things from whatever I know so far, and from wiki so bare with me and suggest if you think some other stories can be referred to, although I want to keep it original and come up with something absolutely nuts. I hope that's okay with everyone here because well it is superhero related stuff, except this specific story is about Zoom and his conquest to defeat flash, or is it about flash at all? ;)

Begin Story:

Eobard is found in ancient Egypt after finding out he could travel and reveal his powers to his other time line selves. "This is so incredible, I am now a God!", over-excited by himself, Flash comes to the time line Thawne is in. In an awe, he asks, "How did you manage to find me!?", to which Flash replies, "Its funny, Thawne, you are called 'Professor Zoom' yet you can't even figure out the simplest things, oh yeah I guess you aren't me after all!", Zoom, now in anger, "I can remove you from existence you blithering idio...", Flash cuts him half-way and says, "if I was whatever you were just saying I was, I wouldn't be able to find you so easily, you see, when you travel through time to your other time lines, you leave behind pieces of your existence. For every time you revealed your new powers to your other selves, there was an alternate time line created. As far as I am concerned, I never even knew about being able to visit time lines until you told me". At this point, Zoom is furious at Flash and in rage says, "I would never reveal this power to my enemy, especially you, Flash", Flash, again in a relaxed manner, "Oh but it was you, from the alternate time line, except you are a lot nicer, or should I say, all of you are". The dark clouds form as red lightnings begin to flash across the field of sand, there are Professor Zoom's all over the field on the Flash side, the second they appear, Thawne escapes.

The good versions of Professor Zoom try to follow but Flash stops them saying, "wait for it...", and seconds later the evil versions start to appear followed by the actual "first" Zoom. The desert is filled with good and evil versions of professor zoom along with the flash and zoom himself. The battle starts in a flash, each man fighting his own alternative. Since they were all speedsters, the speed force enables the second they start and a pair of two are released to each time line. There is no flash in them since Professor Zoom combined all of his evil versions and visited each time line to kill the Flash's parents, only the main time line remained, which, if altered would change all time lines. When Zoom and The Flash come to their original time line, Zoom says, "I could have erased you from existence but I wanted to make you feel the pain I will put you through now, just like the flashes of the other time lines!", he begins to attack Flash and the two battle it out through the city, "I will end you now!". The battle continues as the two speedsters rip apart the city, all of the sudden, two good versions of Thawne make their way to this time line. All eyes set on Zoom, he tries to escape but the two Zoom's stop him and capture him. Before anyone can blink, they both attempt to finish him but The Flash stops them, "STOP! Your hatred for me has led you to bring to life what can be good of you, yet you still don't see you can be a good person. We are both human beings and far superior than normal people, we should use our gifts to benefit them, not use it for our own personal needs", Thawne smirks, "I thought you would say that, but then I am the Reverse Flash so you can bring an end to your misery now or else I will make you...", Barry puts his hand through Thawne's chest and crushes his heart, killing him instantly. In an awe, "This was supposed to be the main time line, how come you two are still...", the lightning goes past the two good reverse flashes and kills them, "oh I am sorry to disappoint you again, but instant death for you is no fun. I will break you Flash, but until then, happy suffering!!!", leaves with an evil laugh, echoing through Barry's head and forcing him to improve himself to catch the real Eobard Thawne and kill him in present time line. He travels to the Tibet to meet monks who seem to know about unlocking a human's full potential, because he believes that the true answer to beating Thawne is within himself.

//End Part 1

I know some of this is just "WTF" type stuff, I think, but if you have any feedback about this let me know in the comments below, please!


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