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Marvel have been announcing so many upcoming movies and TV shows lately that a fan can be forgiven for getting a little lost. It's easy to get confused, and wonder how, exactly, all these films and series will connect.

Well, befuddled viewers, never fear! TIME Magazine is here with a handy dandy little infographic to explain exactly how everything will connect from now until 2019.

One element of this glorious little explanatory imagery is that it doesn't get too worked up about release dates beyond a certain point. There are plenty of release timelines out there already, after all, and while they reassure us that we will have plenty to look forward to over the next five years, they don't do a whole lot to explain how it's all connected.

This way, we get so much more than just a list of who we are going to see and when. By altering the size of the film icons, we can see which are going to have the biggest impact on the over all MCU timeline and which are more like stand alone films. We can see who ties to multiple teams, and who has a more solid connection to just their own. I also love that this includes both information from the comics, and speculation from fans. We know that the MCU is never a direct book-to-screen adaptation (thankfully - that would be far less exciting!), and including the biggest fan theories helps the casual viewer understand what's probably going on.

Of course, there are always going to be things that we cannot know. The film schedule may have been announced up to 2019, but the TV schedule remains uncertain. I have no doubt that when the four-part Defenders series are settled in, we'll be getting something new added to the small screen. It's also worth noting that this chart is based on only the info that we currently know - plot twists in future movies could have a huge impact.

That said, I think that this is an excellent visual representation of the MCU as we now know it. In fact, I would have loved to see it going back by a few films, noting the Infinity Gems that we have already seen, and tying everything together!

What do you think? Do you think this is an accurate representation of the MCU now, or do you have a different theory? Comment and let me know!


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