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Aminia Junior Swaggie

Production on next year’s Suicide Squad is underway in Toronto and today we’re getting our first look at Will Smith as the deadly “Deadshot” and a surprise visit from a certain Caped Crusader. Before we begin, we should warn you that what we’re about to cover could be considered spoilers, so proceed at your own risk. Okay, so filming on next year’s highly anticipated DC Comics supervillain team-up movie, Suicide Squad, is currently underway in Toronto and one of the film’s stars, Will Smith, was spotted on set. In the film, Smith plays the deadly assassin “Deadshot”, who is often recognized by his cybernetic eye which seems to be missing from these first pics of Smith. Instead, Smith is sporting a leather trenchcoat and black hat that hides his newly shaved head. The look is very reminiscent of Deadshot’s appearance in the 2008 animated film, Batman: Gotham Knight.

From the looks of the photos, we’re guessing this scene happens early in the film, likely before he becomes a member of the Suicide Squad as he is spotted shopping with his on-screen daughter at what looks to be Christmas time. Okay, nothing too exciting, but Smith wasn’t the only star spotted on the Suicide Squad set. It has long been rumored that Batman himself will play some role in the film with some suggesting it would be just through video footage, while others have speculated we’ll actually see Batman in the film. Well, it looks like it will in fact be the latter as Ben Affleck was recently spotted on the film’s set and it looks like it wasn’t just for a visit.

Affleck was spotted on the streets of Toronto hiding under a robe in what looks to be the full Batman costume. Though he was hidden, you can clearly see the signature Bat ears poking out from the top of the robe. Now, it’s unclear how large a role Batman will play in the film, but previous rumors suggested that Suicide Squad leader, Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, is particularly interested in Batman as she thinks he is the key to finding super-powered individuals while a new rumor suggests Batman’s appearance in the film will tie back to how The Joker ended up in prison and in the hands of the government. Let’s just say it involves Batman’s sidekick, Robin and a crowbar. Now another photo from the set shows a Gotham City police car, which suggests that Deadshot originates there and seems to confirm he’ll have some sort of connection to Batman in the film, just like he does in the comics. So lots to process from the set of Suicide Squad and we’re just getting started, but what do you think of Will Smith’s “Deadshot” look and are you glad to see Batman will have some sort of presence in the film? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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