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So this is one of my favorite tv shows and i decided to post about what i learned from Mindy. She pretty much knows her stuff and is amazing. so lets get started.

1. Breakups are the worst

So throughout this show we do find Mindy going through several breakups and heartaches. And I learned that this happens alot. In life i have found that breakups can either be bad, or good, depending on how you look at it. In the bad way, they leave you feeling like this

and then every love song on the radio is an eye roll away from being thrown against a wall. EVERYTHING that has to do with love or joy around you just makes it worse. Seeing couples just makes it worse... especially when your forced to be around them....

But the good thing is that maybe they were not for you. And the sooner you realize it, the better you feel. Sometimes it even helps to fling yourself into work.

2. Casual hookups suck

If you are someone who gets easily attached like Mindy, then it sucks. Also it can usually be with some pretty rude people and your kinda stuck with no sex and you respect them. I mean if you do it good for you but what i learned is that its not always going to work.

3. College isn't what it seems

College may seem like its all fun and stuff and, don't get me wrong its really cool, but some things you learn the hard way. Like i learned they don't tell you when you need to take notes you just kinda gotta figure that out. And like Mindy, she thought they were having a kick off bash and these nerds were just shortening some nerd speak. And that's pretty much what i learned college is like. But it is pretty cool. I mean at my college we have a little lunch area and there's tables all over campus. Flyers for different things and the book store is awesome.

4. Having a crush is hard

Sometimes when you like someone.... getting to them may get complicated. There will be obstacles and so on but in the end if your meant to be with them you'll know.

5. One day you will find love

One day you will find someone who your just crazy about. And maybe they were in front of you the whole time. Maybe you meet them at school, work, the mall. Who knows. Just know that one day... you'll find them.


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