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This was actually a really difficult week for me to narrow down just what goes where, but here it is! My favorite geeky fanart for this week.


I'm not much of a Marvel gal, but there comes a point where you need to lay aside your differences with an artist and give them the love they so clearly deserve. LimaYuri's digital painting of the blind lawyer-turned-hero shows a true understanding of both the character and the comic's theme; while many artists depict superheroes with bright lighting, vibrant colors and flawless features, artist LimaYuri chose the opposite path. We get to see the dark side of Daredevil through an excellent use of shadows that remind us that this is a haunted man under a mountain of stress. We see this in his tight-lipped glower and his furrowed brow. We see the toll vigilantism in the stress lines around his mouth. And the impeccable detail shown while still retaining the comic book feel with the bold lines truly shows that this was a piece of art full of a flowing inspiration.


In another somber piece we get to see Annie from Attack on Titan by KarmaLizard. Always the loner, Annie is standing atop what looks to be Wall Maria (As we can see the dangerous forest and no other walls) behind the rest of her unit. This is a perfect example of how to properly display emotion without the eyes, something that many artists tend to rely on, as we can easily see how deep in thought the soldier is by the flare of her nostrils and her near-iconic grim frown. This is also the first time I've ever seen an animated digital painting that doesn't look to have a gritty filter over the edges - the artist successfully preserved the smooth detail in Annie's hair and the folds in her jacket as they wave gentle in the breeze. I especially loved how well KarmaLizzard created the wrinkles and creases in her clothing; finding the right way to depict how cloth falls on a body isn't easy but this is so realistically created that it could easily be a photo in itself.


I know Kiki's Delivery Service is an anime, but it's also a film so shush your mouth.

Magion02 created a digital painting of Kiki that you can stare at for hours. The picture emanates her carefree nature without coming off as obnoxious or over the top with some enormous smile. Instead, Magion02 chose to emulate her unique personality in a way that almost feels like an older representation of the character: A mature smile that has just the slightest sense of playfulness as if she's about to challenge you to a broom race. While her face is mesmerizing in herself, the artist went beyond her face and added in detail that you have to really look to notice; whether it be how the collar of her shirt just barely sticks out to show a sense of wear, the way her sleeve falls on her shoulder, the panels in the building behind her or the folds in her iconic bow as it blows back in the breeze, Magion02 took no shortcuts in creating this image for us.

Video Games

Last but not least we get to see a traditional anime piece of two popular League of Legends characters in their less-popular Greek Mythology-themed skins. While I love myself some digital art I have a heightened respect for those who can create such beautiful work with pens and markers, because they don't have the luxury of "Delete layer," or, "Ctrl+Z." DeviantArt creator Lighane created a bright and wonderful illustration of Sona and Cassiopeia amidst some ivy-covered columns that seems to embrace a happy medium between Shoujo and watercolor styles. While lacking the sharp detail shown in the previously mentioned art pieces, Lighane created depth and detail in her own way - the shadows cast on clothing and pillars is dimensional in itself, there's no need for crisp edges or lines when her expert use of light has already done its work. I feel like it's worth noting that this is a conceptual piece, meaning it isn't the finished product, since Sona appears to be playing an invisible instrument. Not too shabby for a draft, eh?

And that covers this week's Artsy Fartsy Thursday! And just in the nick of time, as Friday draws very near. If you have any suggestions for next week's post, be sure to either show me on Facebook ( Hyperlinks are being dumb), or Tweet me with the hashtag . Otherwise, I'll see you later! Bye!


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