ByHunter Gomez, writer at

Let me just clarify that there is no confirmation of a deadpool animated series.

That being said how awesome would that be?! I could picture seeing a Deadpool type sitcom where there's cameos from different heroes and it's a raunchy comedy inside the mind of our favorite merc with the mouth, Wade Wilson.

Who could appear in this you ask?

How about Wolverine?!

Why the hell not right? He's a funny character to have in the show because he's always portrayed so damn serious. That could be the comedic point of having him in the show for a couple cameos with Deadpool like in the video game asking if he'll be in Deadpool's show and Wolverine rejects him.

Cable could make a cameo too!

Why not bring in Deadpool's son? This would be a hilarious part of the show because Cable is also serious like Wolverine and having the son more serious than the father is just built to be funny.

Why not throw in other Marvel superheros

Literally you could throw in anyone with Deadpool and it'd be a funny sitcom type animated series. I could imagine a Boondocks/ Afro Samurai mixture feel to it.


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