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Oliver Queen is no more due to Ra’s al Ghul. we start the episode with a very intense scene. oliver was being trained and torture by the league of assasins to make him the next ra's al ghul. his being tutored by ra's to improve his sword skills. the scene was great. we see the improvements and for the sword scene they really pulled it of it was realistic enough to pleasure the fans. we now that oliver is no more in this episode as ra's stated that over and over again but we can see the ollie inside of him. nanda parpat is now the home of ollie. and also ollie is back at killing people. it such a hard scene where diggle was being captured and force to fight oliver. diggle stated that he wants to rescue oliver but oliver was to dark and kill him but PLOTTWIST its just a normal guy and its not diggle at all it was just an imagination to screw us fans. maseo i think will be the right hand man of Al Sah-him heir to the demon.


laurel lance the black canary is now taking the responsibilties of the arrow and arsenal he is now taking criminals at starling city unforunetly he is not alone nyssah was there. i turns out nyssah is training laurel and laurel do improve now that he is whoring the newly improve sound screech remodeled by cisco in the last flash episode. then nyssah and laurel enjoy their snack when laurel realize that she was more human then he was expected. nyssah admitted it was the best weeks for what he have. then the guilt started at laurel again then he tells nyssah about what happen to oliver. nyssah was shock because he new his faith already then he walks out on laurel and feels scared that he know that al sah him is gonna get him. then at the former temple where ras was trained he explained his past and i think that they hint another baddie in the league of assasins his name was Damien Darhk he has a connection at hive a former member of league of assasins.

Damien Darhk in the comics
Damien Darhk in the comics

as al sah him comes back at starling city he is now on the hunt. hunting nyssah in the alley where nyssah lives he was visit by laurel and explaining laurel that oliver was being brainwash by the league. laurel was shock and disbelief of what she heard and then yssah tells him shes gonna fight al sah him. and getting ready with his blades but laurel do of what he can to stop nysssah but nyssah already makes his decision and leave.laurel then head to diggle and filicity and the newly layer with the help of filicitys new boyfriend the atom ray palmer and discuss that ollie is back at starling city and being brainwash by the league of assassins. diggle and filicity was in a disbelief and being shattered. as laurel will trying to convince former team arrow and diliver a heart warming speach to both diggle and filicity. they decided to help her. in a scene where nyssah stares to a building and then al sah him shows up and point at an arrrow to nyssah. al sah him stated that he is there to captured nyssah nyssah refuses to back down and fight with a fight that's very intense but unfortunately nyssah was defeated and al sah him almost kills him. but diggle and black canary is there to stop them. with the help of black canary using his new powers to stop al sah him the canary screech and shattered windows. then al sah him jumps into the building allowing him to escape. nyssah was discussing to laurel that oliver is no more in order to secure al sah him to his throne heir of the demon. nyssah must get killed so no interruptions will be made. thea queen visits filicity and filicity discuss taht her brother is back and being brainwash. hes not the lover that they used to now as thea was shock and offer thea to be in their team to help them stop al sah him but filicity decline leaving thea speachless. thea calls malcolm merlyn the dark archer to ask more questions about oliver being back at starling city. malcolm says that he is not the man that he use to be in being brainwash with the help of fear. fear toxin was being part of the batman universe as scarecrow the villian of batman uses it. its a huge Easter egg that gotham existed in their dc television universe.

diggle return to his home with filicity and finds out that there is something wrong then he serches his kid but his kid was there and lyla was missing. lyla was being abducted by al sah him. diggle rush out at nyssah demanding to surrender her self to the league. nyssah explained that he will surender and her beloved will be saved. manwhile al sah him calls diggle and diggle was furios he demads to bring layla back. and al sah him organize a trade up. lyla was furious of what oliver become. but al sah him ignores him again and eventually.then the trade up began maseo inspection former team arrow with nyssah . filicity was crying and tells him that filicity still believe that oliver queen was alive. al sah him ignores them and started the trade lyla approches to filicity.lyla toches the gus in filicity dress and hit some assasins with it as a battle began.diggle vs al sah him nyssah and black canary vs meseo and the assasins. as diggle was almost killed by al sah him suddenly someone hits him with an arrow. thea was there shooting the arm of his brother. then thea was furius and will kill al sah him if he will not stop. then oliver stop the fight because their mission is comple nyssah is being captured and being return to nanda parpat. as nyssah being face up agains his father. then ra's al ghul tells nyssah that he is not the assisin that ra's al ghoul sees him. and then orders al sah him to kill him nyssah is ready. then ra's al ghul stop him and was impress with oliver he has the mentality of what ra's al gul expected. then ra's tells nyssah that she will marry al sah him. nyssah was shock and yells that this is not what he want but its been decided. al sah himis just in the corner listening. as former team arrow discuss about what happpen earlier they where shock and consider oliver now as their enemy and thea too. it was shocking scene then filicity heads up to their former layer and cries.

that was a great episode i think things will be allright base on that flash thriller but its a pumped up episode explaining what oliver has become.

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Are you shock of what oliver has become?


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