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How I love what I do.

The twentieth episode of Season 1 of The Flash, in addition to being spectacular, looked an awful lot of easter eggs and references. Check them all in this compiled.

1 - The Newspaper

"Flash missing vanishes in crisis" was the newspaper headline, which in addition to revealing, joined several easter eggs. First of all is the fact that Oliver Queen be called 'Green Arrow' instead of 'Arrow', and mention the help it receives from the Atom, the Green Arrow and Hawkgirl, in order to combat the Reverse-Flash.

After an extreme street battle with the Reverse-Flash, our city's very own Scarlet Speedster disappeared in an explosion of light. The cause of the fight is currently unknown. Acording to witnesses, The Flash, with help from Starling City's Green Arrow, The Atom, and Hawkgirl, began fighting the Reverse-Flash around midnight last night.

Moreover, as the characters spoken during the scene, the article was written by Iris West-Allen (not Evan Gibson, as previously). This suggests that at some point in the series, as well as in the comics before Flashpoint, Iris will marry Barry.

2 - Justice League founding member

Gideon says Barry is a founding member. Than? It was not said.

A few days ago, the CW account posted a "teaser" in the form of comics. Yet, Gideon speaks a little more, and says that Barry is "a founding member of the League ..."

A clear reference to the Justice League.

3 - Time Vault

Not a DC reference, but whenever there's a notable pop culture reference dropped in the show, readers tend to want us to mention it here. In this case, Team Flash refers to the hidden room where Gideon is kept as a "time vault," the name of a Magic: The Gathering card.

4 - Arrow Season 2

In flashback, when this next to Joe Barry, who is in a coma, at the bottom there is a TV with the news about the riot Starling City, at the end of the second season of Arrow.

5 - Vibe's glasses

Yellow glasses mirrored that Cisco uses are very similar to those of Vibe in comics, which he used throughout his career as a hero.

6 - Vacuum

Barry's creating a vacuum with his arms is actually one of those uses for the speed powers that has shown up in the comics a bunch.

7 - Temple of Doom

"Cali-ma," jokes Vibe about when Wells reached into his chest to kill him, even noting himself the comparison to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

8 - Eddie Thawne

Who is Eddie Thawne? It's hard to say. In any event, he's "insurance" in the custody of his ancestor.

What's interesting, of course, is that in the comics, even the modern day Thawne family is full of bad guys, so it's distinctly possible that the Reverse-Flash's designs on Eddie are to bring something out of him that Team Flash won't like.

That's all, folks.

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