ByAna Rosa Castro, writer at

I am obsessed with Arrow I watch it every Wednesday on the CW I have loved it from the beginning. I didn't know much about Green Arrow when I started watching all I really knew I learned from the Justice League cartoon; but I fell in love with it because the story was somewhat unique and because the first season was an origin story I became invested in Oliver's character how he changed from rich party boy to something else as Oliver says in each episode. After being stranded in an island and living 5 years in hell I understand why he is the way he is.

I don't always agree with everything he does but he's still dealing eternally with his issues which lets be honest are plenty, as I go through the comment sections of various websites I am beginning to see an alarming trend Arrow hate, hate aimed at the writers, hate aimed at certain characters( I'm looking at you Laurel) and hate overall over the direction of the show, and sure they are some valid arguments to be made about it, but most of what I see are trolls.

Trolls about how much Arrow is ripping of Batman or how the female characters are annoying at various times in season 2 it was Laurel and Thea facing the trolls now it's Felicity's turn this season. it makes me sad to think so many fans are turning against the show just because it's not going where they want to go, but that's the nature of shows like this they can't always cater to us comic book fans, because let's face it were a rabid bunch. Arrow is an amazing show yes it has it's flaws (arranged marriage anyone?) but no show is perfect and the writers have done an amazing job of bringing the world together and deserve more credit for the work they do.


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