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In my mind, it was very clear from the beginning that Eddie Thawne was going to have a connection with the Reverse Flash. The name, "Thawne" was a dead giveaway, that he was in someway connected to the Reverse Flash. For those wondering why the name gave it away, it is because, in the comics, the Reverse Flash, is Eobard Thawne. However, it was soon revealed that Harrison Wells was the Reverse Flash. But what does that mean for Eddie Thawne? Is a based on a character from the comics or is he a new person created for the show? My hypothesis is that Eddie Thawne is a new character, who was created for the show and is based on two different characters. Eddie is a mixture of both Malcolm Thawne and of the third Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon.

Some details about Eddie Thawne before his introduction on the Flash

As a child Eddie was short and overweight and was frequently picked on resulting in many beatings from bullies. His father was also a senator who closed a factory who many people depended on, which didn't improve Eddie's situation, and the bullying escalated, until his gym coach took sympathy for him and trained him to fight. Not much is known after that, until he transfers to the Central City Police Department.

The Reverse Flash!
The Reverse Flash!

Who is Hunter Zolomon?

Hunter Zolomon is the Reverse Flash, who was active when Wally West became The Flash. He was a friend of Wally's, who was crippled by Gorilla Grodd and put in a wheelchair. He then gained powers after an accident with the Cosmic Treadmill. He could now alter his personal timeframe, giving the effect of super speed. Zolomon than took it upon himself to make Wally West a better hero, by giving him personal tragedies such as death and pain.

Similarities between Hunter Zolomon and Eddie Thawne

Now the similarities between Eddie and Hunter are that they were both part of the Keystone Police Department. Eddie transferred to the Central City Police Department in 2013, and was there when the particle accelerator went off. Also, like Zolomon, Eddie is a friend of the Flash and knows the Flash's true identity. Zolomon also worked with the Flash on many cases, just like Eddie did. Another thing similar about them, is that they both really care for the Flash, right now. It was shown that last episode, that Eddie was captured by Eobard and since Gorilla Grodd is in the next episode, maybe the writers might copy some more aspects of Zolomon's history into Eddie's life. I don't think that'll happen though. The writers probably gave him some similarities to Zolomon, so that we would speculate whether he was the Reverse Flash, before Harrison Wells was revealed as the man in yellow.

Differences between Hunter Zolomon and Eddie Thawne

I can't really claim that there are many differences right now, due to lack of information and evidence.

Who is Malcolm Thawne?

Malcolm Thawne was Barry's twin brother, who was given to another family by the drunk doctor overseeing the births. The baby of the Thawne Family was strangled on its own umbilical cord. The drunk doctor wanted to be fair, so gave one of Nora Allen's children to the Thawne Family and claimed that their child had been stillborn. Malcolm found out he was adopted and wanted to meet his brother. Also when he found out he was adopted, he went and killed the drunk doctor. Upon learning that his brother was a member of the police department, he took a role as a janitor to spy on him. He started to hate Barry and felt all the things Barry got, was what he should have gotten. He then went to his adoptive grandmother and asked her to teach him about the blue flame, which is a power all the Thawne's had (except Malcolm). Before this, Malcolm had been taunted and bullied by his other family members, because he couldn't use the blue flame. She taught to him direct his anger towards Barry Allen into a blue flame talisman , which he could draw his power from. The blue flame could be used to steal anything the wielder desired. For example, Malcolm could steal super speed and become a speedster. He then took up the name, "Cobalt Blue".

Similarities between Malcolm Thawne and Eddie Thawne

First, most obvious similarity is that they have the same last name, Thawne. Another similarity is that they are both relatives of Eobard Thawne. In the comics, Malcolm is the ancestor of Eobard Thawne. In the episode, "The Trap", it was revealed that Eddie Thawne is the ancestor of Eobard Thawne and that is the reason that the Reverse Flash didn't kill Eddie, when he attacked Star Labs. They both worked at the Central City Police Department, although in different positions. Another similarity, although quite a small one, both of them are blond. Both Eddie and Malcolm were bullied in their childhood.

Differences between Malcolm Thawne and Eddie Thawne

The main difference right now is that Eddie Thawne, seems to be a good person and Malcolm was undoubtedly a bad person. And as far as we know, Eddie doesn't have any anger towards Barry like Malcolm had when he joined the CCPD. Again, I can't really claim that there are many more differences because there isn't enough information or evidence.

What is the future of Eddie Thawne?

The way it looks is that Eddie Thawne is not going to be a good guy for too long, because if the comics have taught us anything, it's that the Thawne family is almost full of bad guys. The 2024 newspaper showed that Iris will marry Barry Allen, which pretty much confirms an end to Eddie and Iris' relationship. Hurt and angry of how things have turned out. These feelings along with being jealous of Barry's abilities, Eddie will be vulnerable enough to be manipulated by Eobard into doing his bidding. Under Eobard's manipulation, Eddie might become the villain Cobalt Blue. I feel like the inclusion of Cobalt Blue in the TV show has already confirmed because of the blue lightning in this scene.

The Man in the Yellow Suit
The Man in the Yellow Suit

For the people, who can't see it clearly, it is the fight between Barry and the Reverse Flash in the stadium. In the background, we see blue and red lightning. We didn't actually see any other speedsters there, so I'm pretty sure that the lightning is because of speedsters, who are from the future. The red lightning corresponds to the Reverse Flash and I think the blue lightning is Eddie. This makes me think that if Eddie becomes Cobalt Blue, he might not be completely bad or might not be bad at all. What makes me think this? Especially after a whole article claiming that he might go bad? I think this way because there is no yellow lightning. So no Barry is present in that battle up in the stands. It is Eddie vs. Reverse Flash. Continuing with my theory, Eddie becomes Cobalt Blue and helps the Reverse Flash against Barry. In the battle, they defeat Barry and Eddie realises how much of a monster Eobard is and tries to make up for his actions. He fights with Eobard and the fight spills into the past as they travel through time while fighting. How the fight will end, I have no idea. Just to make clear, this is all speculation and may not happen at all, this season or next. But the way the show is going, it looks like their doing their best to make the season end with a bang. Hope you liked my article, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment.


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