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Mandi McGuire

I was never really into comics as a kid, but when they started to illuminate the big and small screens by the time I was a preteen, I was mesmerized by superheroes.

All kinds of superheroes. My two favorites in my teens were Batman and Spiderman. It wasn't until I walked into a classroom at 13 sporting a Batman shirt and a Spiderman backpack inevitably sparking a DC versus Marvel debate between my classmates, that I realized there was just as much side choosing in this world as there is in politics. Despite my opinion that both had their merits, I was pushed to choose.

Now I'll go ahead and admit that most of what I know about these universes comes from movies and TV, however I believe in treating cinematic adaptatations of books, comics, and original ideas should be seen as separate entities of the same environment. That being said, based on what I did know about the two worlds, I chose Marvel. Mainly because this was circa 2002, when the Spiderman franchise was beginning its first string of movies and they had me captivated.

Being so young when I made this decision was a mistake. As more and more Marvel projects became so popular, I became tired of it quickly. I'm 25 now, and have recently switched sides. I am now a die hard DC fan for many reasons.

1. DC characters, in my opinion, have deeper and more interesting backstories. Comparing the "millionaire superheroes" of Marvel and DC made me realize I'm way more interested in Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen of DC than I am in Marvel's Tony Stark. I realized this while getting into CW's Arrow. I like the fact that the Green Arrow and Batman have way more depth in their alter egos than Iron Man.

2. DC sidekicks are kickass. And there seem to be many more of them with very diverse and relateable backgrounds.

3. This may be a purely personal reason, but the fact that DC doesn't get as much hype as Marvel in the mainstream appeals to me. I'm a bigger fan of the lesser known, underground stuff. I feel that Marvel has blown up to a degree of popularity that's almost annoying. Plus, I like watching Marvel fans react when I place my loyalty to DC. It's hilarious to me.

4. The villians! The Joker and Harley Quinn are prime examples of the wondrous antagonists in the DC world I find so fascinating. I love the psychological ascept of the DC villians and how it influences and motivates them.

5. Marvel media has never really made me want to explore the comics. DC media has me researching the comics. I may very well be buying my first comic book very soon. Thanks DC!


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