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I'm not a writer. I write because if I were to speak no one would listen. And everything seems more eloquent in the written word. I'm wired

Thanos has raised an army and with the infinity gems in hand has turned his attention to the multiverse of DC/Marvel. All existence has but one hope that from these doomed worlds a Group of individuals could rise to oppose him. I named this team Genesis. Because its the beginning of something very new.

I picked Captain America as team leader. "Hey, it worked on ID4" He's a strong character and a born soldier. And as a fighter he has very few real competitors. So good in fact the Earths mightiest heroes the Avengers named him their leader. Theres gotta be a reason for that. Now thats one Hell of a resume.

Batman goes without saying. He's a thinker who is alway 5 steps ahead of his opponents. Given enough time Batman can defeat most enemies. And he has some experience in the whole alien fighting department having defeated predator.

Name one alien invasion film without them cruising around in some metallic spaceship. Useing metallic lasers, wearing metallic clothes. It is stuped simple why this guy is here. He's also one of my two reformed villains.

No force put together against such competition would be complete without the Man of Steel. Superman is both leader and soldier. With the kind of heart to lay his life down for the cause.

Because every invasion has foot soldiers you need a way to put them away fast and proficient. Deadpool is your man capable of withstanding a vicious amount of punishment all while keeping his sense of humor. With Deadpool in Genesis Aliens may check in to Earth but they won't check out.

In such a war you need a way to transport your team from one place to another. I mean you can't just wait till they get to Earth sometimes you need to go to them. And for that Magiks our girl. With access to a legion of demons that do her bidding. Plus a soulsword that disrupts magical barriers. She's one tough cookie and she'll need to be to survive.

Alright so I might have cheated. But if you want a war the then the Master of planet the of Apocalypse is glad to oblige. And as my second reformed hero he's here to teach that plagiaristic copy who's boss. And if Thanos loves Death so much then who is Darkseed to keep them apart?

Thank you Eric I had fun!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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