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Well, even though he is not one of Spiderman's most popular villains he is still one of Spiderman's most feared.

He was born in Soviet Russia, and was a half brother to Kraven the Hunter. He comes to America and goes after Spiderman however fails.

After that Kraven comes to America, and takes on Spiderman while the Chameleon tackles heroes such as...

The Hulk

Iron Man


Since all of these guys have been placed in the MCU could we see the Chameleon face one of them after Spiderman or even before that?

Or... Could we see both the Chameleon and Kraven take on Spiderman in his next instalment in 2017?

Also he could be introduced much before that in... (drum role)... Captain America Civil War.

Yes why not? Chameleon leads a group called the Exterminators in civil war to take down Spiderman. If Spiderman is introduced in Civil War surely one of his longest running villains can as well. At this point however I don't think Chameleon should target Spiderman directly but there should be some sort of fight or connecting point between the two.

And that could lead to Chameleon calling up Kraven from Russia to fight along side him against the Web-Slinger.

This would lead to the direct introduction of Kraven into the MCU.

What are your thoughts?

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