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The sci-fi war/ drama novel "The Forever war" is very close to being the next big movie adaptation and is the object of interest in a bidding war, Channing tatum is already attached to star in the film and it seems like he is pretty excited about it.Ironically Warner Bros and an unnamed studio battled it out to add the film to their collection.This comes as a bit of a no-brainer after tatum previously starred in the sci-fi film Jupiter ascending which was also a warner bros production. Warner bros won the rights and now we are currently waiting for the film.

The premise for the book is as follows:

The story follows a group of military recruits as they head off to fight a space war against the Taurans. After a few years fighting this alien foe the veterans return to Earth, but because of the distance traveled in space and many other variables their two years was actually multiple centuries back home. So the group returns to a place that is very unfamiliar to them all.

The story itself seems to simply be a way to present the author's experience with the Vietnam war and how he felt about his service.In the novel it is simply presented in a space opera setting.The Vietnam war was one of the most controversial wars in history and was not only one of the most violent wars but also one of the most unnecessary.The soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war became foreigners in their own country when they returned and were almost completely alienated .This film will touch on those issues with a bit of a time travel twist involved.

This film could be an interesting role to see Tatum in considering he is mostly known for his work in a number of comedies and oddballs.Seeing him in this kind of film could elevate him and possibly convince some of his critics that he can actually act.The action in the film will most likely be used as a simple sub-plot to further the story as well as show the brutality of war( yep, this is shaping up to be an anti-war film).How well Tatum can convey the feelings of a soldier who is disillusioned by war and is viewed as an outsider by his own kind remains to be seen but it sure does sound interesting.


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