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There are always certain things that we just don't catch on to as kids. Even as adults there are some things you just don't notice! Sometimes you even wonder if the movie's creators noticed!

Well, here are 7 things that I bet you didn't notice from "The Incredibles." You'll never watch it the same again.

1. Gazerbeam at the Wedding

Did you notice this? I'm betting some of you did. However, It shows up for only a split second that I'm still guessing most of you haven't yet.

It is odd, though, that super heroes (dressed in their costumes) would be at a party for two people (who are trying to keep their identity secret, especially since Frozone just made sure Bob had his mask off before entering the room). Don't you think other people in the room might put 2 and 2 together?

2. Mr. Incredible Sued For Saving People

This one you probably caught as an adult. However, as a kid it probably went right over your head. Mr. Incredible was SUED for SAVING PEOPLE. Now, I know that people sue for crazy things these days but this is ridiculous!

First of all, since he has a secret identity, how could they find him to sue him? Second, what judge in their right mind would award money to somebody because they were "Foiled in their attempted suicide."

He was also sued for saving the train full of people! WHAT! I can understand how they can think it was his fault for the bomb blowing up the tracks in the first place, but if he explains the situation (and considering he SAVED THOSE PEOPLE) no judge should award them money.

3. Unbelievable! Really?

It surprises me that in a world where super powered beings exist (and everyone knows they do) that the Principal won't believe that Dash can do something like put tack on the teacher's chair super fast.

They caught him on camera and you can definitely see something blur across the screen right before Bernie sits down. However, the principal still won't believe it. Maybe it's been too long and he's forgotten about super powers.

It could be a possibility that he believes it, but there is just not enough evidence to act on it. However, the sheer look of disbelief on his face makes that possibility seem very unlikely.

4. How did they find him?

One thing they didn't really explain was how they found out who Mr. Incredible was. How did they even find out who all those super heroes were?

I thought the super heroes were suppose to be in hiding. Even with Mr. Incredible (and his family) relocating a lot they still managed to find him.

The only way, that I can think of, that they could have done that is if they had an inside source in the government (or that organization that was helping them relocate and erasing people's memories).

5. Face Scan?

Here is another "incredible" mystery. Remember when Mr. Incredible picked up the pad and it scanned his face? How did Syndrome get Mr. Incredible's face scan in the first place? Did they steal that from the government (or other organization) too? Do they even keep face scans?

Did Mirage sneak into his bedroom and take it while he was sleeping? If so, why didn't they just kill him there instead of going through all that trouble?

They got the scan REALLY fast too. They just found out who he was a few days (or so) before they left that pad for him to find.

6. Helen Thought Bob was Cheating on Her.

This point is made very subtle (because this is a family friendly movie), so maybe you didn't notice it. Even if you did as an adult it probably flew right over your head as a kid.

There are a couple places where it's made evident.

First, when Helen goes to answer the phone and Bob yells from the other room (very frantically) "DON'T ANSWER IT, HONEY! I'VE GOT IT!" After a little bit, Helen gets suspicious and decides to pick up the phone anyway where she hears a women say "How soon can you get here."

The second instance is shortly after that when Helen walks with Bob to his car and then (somewhat hesitatingly) says "Honey, I love you" To which he replies "I love you too."

Of course it ends up to be not at all what she thinks it is.

7. Why would the homing device beep?

Another question I have is this...

Why would Edna create it so the homing device beeped on his end?

She knew the kind of work that the suits were going to be used for. She had also been designing super hero outfits for a long time! How could she not know that a beeping homing device on the suit (that could give away their position to anyone around them) was not a good idea!

Why did the homing device even have to beep?

Why couldn't it just show his location?

Also, that was a VERY fast response to his intrusion. It's almost like they have people breaking in there all the time and they're ready for it! They must get a lot of super heroes with beeping homing devices on their costumes breaking into their top secret room behind the magic lava.

What about you?

Did you notice anything in "The Incredibles" that you didn't before?

Let me know below!


Which one did you find most interesting?


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