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I'm just an anime obsessed geek that also so happens to be a weapon enthusiast
Colton TheDoctor Douglas

Hello, everyone. My name is Colton A.K.A The Swordsman. You may know me from the name I once had many, many years ago. And that name is King Arthur.

I was once in possession of a sword so powerful, it could kill even an immortal! However I lost this great weapon in my fight with my enemy, an enemy whom still lives to this day!

The Excalibur!
The Excalibur!

The swords name was "Excalibur" and I have been searching for it for many years.

I was granted amazing powers by a minor god known to many as Zeus. My most impressive ability is the ability to control lightning, which Zeus sacrificed his lightning bolt to give me it's incredible power.

Fear my power!
Fear my power!

Not only was I granted the power of Zeus's Master-bolt, but Athena sacrificed her godly life force to give me her wisdom, and her immortality. I sometimes hear Athena speaking to me, telling me when to strike, or when to defend. She helps me similarly to how Jarvis helps Iron Man.

Do not be confused that there are Greek gods, for they are not the ultimate gods in existence. For there is but one true God, and his son Jesus Christ. The Greek gods are simply minor gods created to reward, and punish, people.

No super villain alive has the power to kill me, except for one.

Tony Ulysses Announces- A.K.A The Obscurity Master.

Tony Announces is the one who killed me in my past life. However he shall not do so again! For I have almost found my sword The Excalibur!

Having killed me before Tony has the ability to kill me again, my only chance is my skill with the blade!

This is not about revenge for my death so many years ago. No, it's not about that. The fiend destroyed the city of Gotham, and none in the city were spared. Not even my love, Elizabeth Hans.

The destruction that killed my Elizabeth.
The destruction that killed my Elizabeth.


Not even the kitten armies from Tartaraus itself will keep me from getting my vengeance!


And yes, there is a kitten army, and I have had to take them down this night. And I shall destroy even more before I get my hands on my enemy. The kitten army is full of different types of soldiers. We have the Firecat, which is a kitten trained with firearms and explosives. There are also Stalkerkit's, whom are highly skilled assassins. There are many different types of kitten soldiers, but I'll save that for another post.

They very in size and abilities.
They very in size and abilities.

I am training in all kinds of weapons and hand-to-hand combat. I am training with the Longsword, Ninjato, Katana and various firearms. I am also learning boxing and MMA (No, really I am) and If you think that you can take me on, you most be crazy.

I am not a hero however!

If anyone gets in my way or tries to stop me on my mission to destroy The Obscurity Master, I will destroy them. I will do what I think is right, rather the world agrees or not. I will fight villains, I will fight heroes. I will fight the whole world. I shall never stop trying to make this world how I think it should be. I will continue my journey now, and Tony if you read this:


If you doubt that I have these abilities watch this video to see my powers in action.

Remember: Rather you be a villain or a hero, if you get in my way I will take you down. I was one a good king, but that was long ago. I hope that you take my warning and flee from this world, go to any of the planets that support human life.

Because things are about to get...Dangerous.


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