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This post is my response to Eric Glover's post. Here are the rules if you'd like to do your own post like this.


1) The team can consist of DC and Marvel superheroes and only 2 reformed villains.

2) No Thanos. No people that can bend reality, like Scarlet Witch.

3) You must state your team leader and why you chose him. Also, explain your reasoning for picking the other team members.

4) Be creative and have fun!

5) Please, respect other peoples' choice. No bashing and making fun of other's choices.

Now that that's out of the way, let me get started!

Team Name: The Justice Avengers

If you can't figure out where I got the name- you should be able to, though-, it combines...

The Justice from 'Justice League' and...

Avengers. Get it, got it, good!

Justice Avengers

Team Leader: Captain America

This is kinda a given. I mean, with Captain America's great strategic skills, pure heart, and self-sacrificing attitude, he would be and is the perfect team leader.

Member #2: Black Panther

You see, just look at the picture. The picture fully explains why he is on the team. Everything about him is perfect for fighting Thanos and his creeps.

Member #3: Captain/ Ms. Marvel

With abilities such as energy absorption, super strength, durability, and being able to use the energy she absorbs, Captain Marvel is someone who could definitely and absolutely be a great asset against Thanos. Even in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, she(Captain Marvel) stood her own against Hulk and Vision. Imagine the fight we would have if Captain Marvel and Thor went up against each other!

Member #4: Deathstroke

I have, for some reason, always loved this character. Anyways, Deathstroke is my reformed villain of the team. I pick him, because... well...because he's a bad ass! That picture of him above just screams... BADASS!!! So, Deathstroke is the team's reformed villain and the team's bad ass.

Member #5: The Flash

And it's the Barry Allen Flash, not the Wally West Flash or any other Flash. Just the Barry Allen Flash. 'The Fastest Man Alive' deserves a spot on this team. With his speed and other abilities the speed gives him, he could prove a great threat to Thanos.

Member #6: The Hulk

The Hulk, the big, green rage monster, or just plain monster. Whatever you call him, he is the strongest hero there is. I am sure that as soon as Thanos saw Hulk he would say "Oh crap!". I mean, everyone gets at least a little scared when Hulk is there. Whether he's there as a friend or someone who's gonna smash you, you still get scared

Member #7: Spiderman

Is there really anyone who wouldn't pick him? Spiderman would be the person who adds the laughs, even in earth's darkest hour. On top of that, he has fast reflexes, spider webs, wall crawling, and advanced strength and speed.

Member #8: Superman

Superman would possibly be the biggest threat to Thanos, even when Thanos has the Infinity Stones. All of Superman's many, many abilities would play a huge part in bringing Thanos down.

Member #9: The Vision

Before I explain this choice, let's take a moment to gaze at all of this awesomeness. Ahhh, that hit the spot. Okay. Where were we? Oh, yes, why the Vision? Well, for starters, he's one of the most powerful Marvel heroes. He's a god dam robot, and he could take on the likes of Thor. He has the abilities of density control, flight, and strength. Just to name a few.

Member #10: Batman

Come on, you all knew this was coming. You'd all pick him for your team, well, most of you would. He's the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the world's best detective.

Member #11: Hawkeye

I pick him, because... One, he's the world's best archer. And Two, he's one of my favorite superheroes of all time! I also can't wait to see his awesome representation in Avengers: Age of Ultron today, when I go to see it.

Member #12: Black Bolt

Black Bolt is the Inhuman king and arguably the strongest and most powerful Marvel character. Black Bolt has many abilities, but he is perhaps best known by his voice power. And by that, I mean that Black Bolt, with only a small whisper could destroy a mountain. And just imagine combining that with all of Superman's power!

Well, that's it for my Justice Avengers. While there are sooooooooo many more heroes you could add, I decided to stick with just twelve team members. Anyways, comment what your team would be or just post your own team, while keeping the rules in mind. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


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