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Spider-Man has had a rough time in the movies. Spider-Man? Great movie. Spider-Man 2? One of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Spider-Man 3? This:


Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?

Now how about those "Amazing" movies? Amazing Spider-Man 1? Decent. It breathed new life into the character, and we were all excited to see where it would go from there. The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Just goes to show that, eventually, every time you put Spidey on the big screen and limit the directors is when it all begins to fall apart. Now, Sony and Marvel are working together to revive the character by putting him in the MCU. That's absolutely wrong.

Another Movie Reboot Is Another Reboot Too Many.

Do we really want to have to go through Uncle Ben's death again? They might as well cast Sean Bean. Are we going to have to go through all his girlfriends again? Are we going to have to see him and Harry fall apart again? A movie reboot again? COME ON MARVEL! We want to grow with the character. We want to be able to go through different stages of Parker's life, but gradually. We don't want another hamfisted reboot (even though Marvel knows what they are doing). We want to go through all the pain and the guilt Parker feels because of things that have happened to him that he didn't take responsibility for. We want him to grow as a hero. We don't want another reboot. COME ON.

If Spider-Man Was On TV, We Could Get a Slow-Burn Origin Like Daredevil, rather than a hamfisted 5 minute one in a 2 hour movie

What made Daredevil so special? Besides the acting, the realism, the amazingly choreographed fighting, the tone, and many more things, one thing that made it stand out was how it gave us a proper origin for Matt Murdock, and it didn't rush anything. It helped us grow with the character, and is one of the reasons why it is already considered one of the best (if not the best) superhero shows and origin stories. Marvel could do something even more amazing if they did this with the newly rebooted Spider-Man. They need to understand that the character's magic always fizzled out in the movies, and would continue to do so if there wasn't a change in approach.

If Spider-Man was on TV, we could go WAY more in-depth with his cast of characters.

How awesome are the Spider-Man characters? Heck, he (arguably) has one of the greatest rogues galleries of all time in the history of comics (second only to Batman). Since he shares a lot of his villains with Daredevil, it wouldn't be a long shot to have Daredevil and whatever the Spider-Man show could have been cross over every once in a while. Spider-Man has too many awesome characters for the movies. Film level Spidey villains are like Electro, Mysterio and Norman Osborn. Everyone else (including these three) would be better off on television, as we would be able to grow with his supporting cast members and his villains just as much as him. 3 Spider-Man movies is not enough to explore the world of Spider-Man.

Marvel Needs a Show to be able to DIRECTLY Rival The Flash. Spider-Man is in the Top 3 Greatest Heroes of all time (the other two being, of course, Batman and Superman). Spidey on TV would be more than enough to rival the AMAZING show of the Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash is fantastic (and is something really big for The CW). It explores the world of Barry Allen and co. in a way that makes the biggest comic heads jump for joy, and those who just watch the Movies and Shows smile. A Spider-Man show would be able to get Marvel some of that Flash magic, and a whole lot more (Daredevil is the biggest indicator of that).

Marvel has proven they are capable of making a top notch superhero/crime show with Daredevil. They can do even more with the world of Spider-Man. I really hope that the movies will at least do justice to all the villains, and at most spin-off into a Spider-Man Netflix or ABC show.


Do You Think Spidey Would be Better Off As a TV Series, Or Do You Want Another Movie Trilogy?


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