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Jaime Morados

Avengers:Age of Ultron was not the best superhero movie as they said it would be. As a 13 year old I am able to see bad graphics and good graphics, and I have to say that when the first scene opened in the movie house, their graphics is the 2nd worst graphics in marvel movie history. Fantastic Four being the 1st.

Other than that it was good, but not good enough. You see I am a Marvel movie geek and if I wasn't a Marvel movie geek, I will not be able to understand the movie, it would be as confusing as Interstellar. I watched Avengers:Age of Ultron with my friends and their parents, after they watched they asked soo much questions about the movie, and me and my other Marvel geek friend answered it. If you were to make a Marvel or DC movie, you have to make it thinking that people do not know what Avengers is or they don't know who Hawkeye is or maybe they don't know anything about Marvel. But as a marvel geek, the story was good and all the new suit upgrades were awesome!

I was actually very disappointed at Joss Whedon because it seemed like they were in a rush to make this movie, and they didn't make their graphics perfect and they did not perfect everything in this movie. If you want people to love your movie, make them love it not because it has a big name "Avengers:Age of Ultron" but make people love it because of the story, those epic action scenes, The Vision, the graphics, the cinematography etc. That is kind of why Avengers is not on my top 20 list of movies.


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