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Ever since Lucas Till was cast as Alex Summers, also called Havok, in X-Men: First Class, there has been much confusion over how he might be related to Scott Summers, also called Cyclops, in the films. In the comic books, Cyclops is Havok's older brother. Obviously, this can't be the case in the movies since Cyclops wouldn't even have been born in 1962, when Havok was first recruited as a founding member of the X-Men. So how are they related? Well, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) will see both characters on screen and in the X-Men together, so it would seem that we will finally get a definitive answer to this question. But maybe with a little deductive reasoning, we won't have to wait.

Are they brothers?

Could Havok be Cyclops' older brother in the cinematic continuity? He could, but if Cyclops is 15 in Apocalypse (1983), that would mean he would have been born in 1968, six years after the Cuban Missile Crisis and the founding of the X-Men. So if Havok is 18 in First Class, and since we first see him in prison, he is probably at least that old, that's a 24 year age gap between the brothers. That isn't very likely, so we can discount them being brothers at all.

Are they father and son?

I have heard it posited that Havok might turn out to be Cyclops' father, and the age difference would make this seem likely. That would mean that Havok had a child in between the events of First Class and Days of Future Past, when we find him in Vietnam. Now, while this is a completely possible scenario, I'm not sure that it is the most probable. Firstly, Havok never mentions or even alludes to possibly having a child back in the world, also, while the X-Men films will probably never introduce the Shi'ar or the Starjammers, making Havok Cyclops' father removes any possibility of being able to use Corsair (Cyclops and Havok's father in the comics) or the Starjammers, if they ever do decide to be so inclined to do so.

Uncle and nephew?

So they aren't brothers, they aren't father and son (unless they are), so what could this relationship be? They can't just both be called Summers, both have similar powers, and the movie expects us to just chalk it up to coincidence. I'm telling you right now, Movie, you can NOT do that. So how are they related? I am fairly certain that the answer lies in the middle of both the brother and the father theory. Havok is Cyclops' uncle. While the other two possibilities, especially the father possibility, are still completely possible until the movie finally answers the question, I think Alex being Scott's uncle, logically, makes the most sense.

So what do you think? Brothers? Father and son? Uncle and nephew? Distant cousins? Share your theory in the comments.


Bryan Singer has recently released this photo via his Twitter account, which he says is Cyclops AND Havok's parents.

I have a few issues with this. Not them being brothers, as was mentioned several times in the comments, siblings born a decade or two apart aren't unheard of, but my problem is with the age these parents appear to be. Havok, based on his age during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 (First Class), has to be in his mid to late 30s. The mom in this picture doesn't look much older than that and the dad is maybe 45. So, did they have Havok will in elementary school? Sigh... I guess we'll just have to wait and see how they explain this, but it looks like Bryan Singer seems to forget that he is setting this movie 21 years after First Class.


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