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About 4 years ago, I was living in a condominium in Penang, Malaysia with my housemate who is terrified of ghost stuff. The condo was pretty old, I might say about 20 years old. A bunch of scary stuff has happened there to us but one night something happened that scared the hell out of me and actually made me leave that house.

I came home with my friend late at night, about 2 am. I left my wallet on the dining table as usual, and headed straight to bed. I woke up around 11 am the next day and came out to drink a cup of coffee when I noticed a RM 10 bill under the dining chair, I grabbed it and opened my wallet to put it back, I was sure it's mine because my housemate never put his wallet outside and we didn't have much people coming around during that time (finals) When I opened the wallet it was basically empty. All of my debit cards, student card, driving license, money ( RM 50,10,5,1 bills) all gone. Then I started to notice all of the mentioned stuff laying on the floor around the house. I found my driving license right under the sofa, my debit cards somewhere in the kitchen, my money all over the house. But the creepy part is, first of all, my wallet was in the exact same position as I left it, it had a button on it which was locked, and there was no sign of any scratching on the wallet itself.

I was literally scared to death because after 4 years I still can't make sense of it and how did this thing even happen.

My housemate was even more terrified than me when I told him about it. Even now that I'm writing this , I'm getting goosebumps.

There were bunch of other stuff that happened in there too, the TV would turn on for no reason sometimes, the water tap would be open a lot of times, I could hear the old door hinge noise but there was no door around my bed in the room, and my bedroom door was fine. I could hear a lot of footsteps around the bed when I was sleeping and it just creeps me out thinking about all those days.

Thankfully I'm in a newly built condo now and all those things are gone ( at least I feel like it)

what I don't get is why that ghost didn't take the money, because now I can neither call it stingy nor greedy ...


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