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I have seen almost every Disney or DreamWorks animated film out there. I would like to provide my own thoughts on everyone's favourite films
Trista Kinsella

I'm sure there have been a number of people who have asked this. Is there really a feud between Disney and DreamWorks? So I decided to look into it. Why? Because I am a fan to both.


Let's take a look at some known facts. Disney has created over 50 animated films. Of those only 8 have gone on to gross globally over $400 million. Granted they have made profits on all their films. Let's look at which movies those are. So no-one gets confused, I'll be using GG for Global Gross.

(1991) Beauty and the Beast - GG = $424,967,620.

(1992) Aladdin - GG = $502,050,219.

(1994) The Lion King - GG = $987,483,777.

(1999) Tarzan - GG = $448,191,819.

(2010) Tangled - GG = $519,794,936

(2012) Wreck-It Ralph - GG = $471,222,889

(2013) Frozen - GG = $1,272,364,00

(2014) Big Hero 6 - GG = $605 million. (I tried to find exact numbers)

So we all know Disney is a huge company. Notice I didn't add any of the Disney/Pixar films. I wanted to get information solely on Disney's animated movies. Back to the subject. For Disney to have over 50 animated films and only 8 major movies that had a big Global Gross is a little shocking.

Honestly these movies deserved it. As a side note there are no sequels on this list. And we all know how popular Frozen is. Sorry no Jelsa movie for us.


Now onto DreamWorks. As a company in such a competitive market it has created 30 movies and 13 have a Global Gross of over $400 million. Not too shabby for a company not connected with a big studio.

(2001) Shrek - GG = $484,408,218

(2004) Shrek 2 - GG = $919,838,758

(2005) Madagascar - GG = $532,680,671

(2007) Shrek the Third - GG = $798,958,162

(2008) Kung Fu Panda - GG = $631,744,560

(2008) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - GG = $603,900,354

(2010) How to Train Your Dragon - GG = $494,878,759

(2010) Shrek Forever After - GG = $752,600,867

(2011) Kung Fu Panda 2 - GG = $665,692,281

(2011) Puss in Boots - GG = $554,987,477

(2012) Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - GG = $746,921,274

(2013) The Croods - GG = $587,204,668

(2014) How to Train Your Dragon 2 - GG = $422,129,000

I find it interesting how DreamWorks has multiple sequels and they have all done well. In my opinion, Disney sequels are more of a flop. Of their sequels I enjoyed The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride. And Disney has made sequels to movies that are from way in the past. For example Cinderella. Yet DreamWorks has sequels and they seem to flow well with the originals. And my own personal opinion again, DreamWorks animation is well done.

Let's talk about Duels

There is talk that the two have had movie duels. Meaning they each have movies with similar storylines but different outcomes. Here are some examples. Though there is some that stretches the idea. I'll give you the duels and you can look it up and make up your own minds.

1) Antz vs a Bugs Life

2) The Road to El Dorado vs The Emperor's New Groove

3) Shrek vs Monster's Inc

4) Shark Tale vs Finding Nemo

5) Madagascar vs The Wild

6) Flushed Away vs Ratatouille

The End Result

It's probably not a feud in the way we think of feuds. Don't expect any Disney/DreamWorks cross over movies. For now we'll just have to rely on fan art and stories.


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