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STAR WARS May The 4th is all most here but before we begin this film I just want to address one thing... Me and my friend TSMSB Films are creating a fan film called Darth Vader Vs. Spider-Man which is set to release sometime in July. You can fallow me on Twitter @RAMONES_FAN_98 and Facebook at Corbin Ramone and You Tube at EPICALLY AWESOME GAMER (All Caps). as I was saying STAR WARS Mat The 4th is almost here with 230 Total days left until The Force Awakens is released (You can see the countdown at ok STAR WARS has been s huge part of my life since I can remember and When I was 7 way back in 2005 I saw my first ever STAR WARS film in theaters. All I can remember is that I saw it In a AMC movie theater in a mall near where I live. Since the first teaser trailers initial release there have been a whole bunch of fan made artwork,memes, and other stuff that have caught my eye, And let me tell you I'm impressed with all of it. I am so happy that I get to see the original cast of STAR WARS in the newest trillogy directed by not George Lucas (Sad) but by the director of the 2009 STAR TREK films J.J. Abrams. He even is going to put George Lucas's logo in the film but instead of green or white with a tan trim it will be pure black,which won't be hurting George Lucas any. So I was sad to see DARTH VADERS melted mask from Return Of The Jedi ;( it's sad to see THE GALACTIC SUPER VILLIAN THAT WE ALL GREW UP KNOWING AND LOVING DEAD. THERE WAS A RUMOR ABOUT VADER BEING IN THE FORCE AWAKENS WITH A DIFFERENT paint job sorry about caps, but the paint job would. Be all black but with yellow. But I'm glad their sticking with the plot where VADER is dead. ;-.( So be sure to fallow me on Facebook, Twitter, and be sure to smack that subscribe buttion like a boss on you tube.

Luke Skywalker: The Force is strong in my family. My father has it... I have it... my sister has it... you have that power, too.




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