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My grandmother (who I call "mamaw" to those of you who are not familiar with the Kentucky lingo) had a house put on 20 acres of beautiful bluegrass. Although almost all of the family have moved on to other places, mostly still in Kentucky, my mamaw still owns Sugar Bud Lane, the name that my papaw gave to the driveway, in honor of his grandchildren (At the time, he had two granddaughters, or sugars, and a grandson, his bud.) At the beginning of their time on Sugar Bud Lane, Charli, the oldest granddaughter, was three and had a very active imagination, so they thought. She had two imaginary friends, named Sister and T.Y. . To this day, we aren't entirely sure why those names are so prominent, but at the time, Charli's parents just assumed that it was names that she gave to the friends.

Throughout the time that Charli would play with Sister and T.Y., she always made sure they were happy. When Cody, Charli's little brother, would sit in their three row seated vehicle, Charli would yell, "No, Cody! Sister is sitting there and you will make her angry!" Cody, who was just very little at the time, would just laugh and move over, playing along. Charli's mom, my aunt Paula, would hear her talking to T.Y. and Sister in her bedroom about usual little girl things, like trying on dresses and things like that, as Charli was a very "girly" girl.

As time went on, the family had slowly started leaving Sugar Bud Lane. My aunt paula, her husband Richard, and Cody still live there, in a second house on the 20 acre lot. My mamaw and papaw divorced. My papaw remarried and moved an hour away, and my Mamaw found love a few years later, and now resides in Pike County, famous for the setting of "the Hatfields and McCoys." Charli is now twenty-two and lives around the Lexington area with her fiancé. My mom, brother, sister, and I, due to financial difficulties, have stayed in mamaws house on and off again for the past 12 years.

Most of the paranormal occurrences that I have witnessed happened as I grew older. Two of which happened my senior year of high school, and a third during my sophomore year. Although these true stories include seeing a girl at the foot of my bed, having my own "imaginary friend" named Maddie that resided in the old barn on the property, hearing what I thought was one of Charli's friends on cassette, and the incident of my 18th birthday party preparation, where a pot on the drying rack ended up being thrown to the other end of the kitchen, I have no proof to show for those instances. However, I would like to show you the picture that my friend, Raven, and I took while we were home alone.

It was the first day of school, and since we had just graduated the year before, we decided that we would get together, eat breakfast at McDonald's, and hang out at my place, which at the time was mamaw's house. The day literally consisted of us eating, going to mamaw's, ta king selfies, eating ice cream, and taking a nap on the couch. One of the selfies that we had taken stood out from the rest. We were in the kitchen and I had just brought out the tub of ice cream. Raven suggests the idea of a selfie and, of course, I obliged. Later on in the week, looking back at the photos, Raven sent one to me in a text, along with, "Look behind my shoulder, someone is standing there..."



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