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"Oh you didn't see that coming?" - Quicksilver

Okay, if you haven't seen Avengers Age of Ultron yet ignore this article. If you have you probably know that Quicksilver died at the hands of Ultron. He however said Hawkeye and an innocent civilian kid.

The question is, will he stay dead for long? No. As you know our next instalment for the Avengers is Avengers Infinity Wars, so why couldn't Scarlett Witch use the Reality Gem to revive Quicksilver.

The Reality Gem allows you to bend reality and have anything you want, so why couldn't Scarlett bring her brother back?

Also Aaron Taylor Johnson has signed a multi-movie deal with Marvel/Disney so it is almost impossible not to see him again.

So.. How excited are you to have the Speedster back? Share your thoughts below.


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