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With the Avengers: Age of Ultron opening Friday (May 1) my blog is mainly being devoted to all sorts of Avengers art and fan tributes.

Yesterday saw the advent of Marvel NFL team helmets.

The Poster Posse created a wonderful Avengers: Age of Ultron tribute about a week ago.

This weekend look forward to seeing Hero Complex Gallery's awesome Avengers art exhibit.

Today I have from the Despicable Me mind of minion-loving digital illustrator Chuck Mullins a denary of minion-ized Avengers. All are pretty cute, awesome and of course, extremely Marvelous.

Mullins previously minion-ized other Marvel properties X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy.

This info about Mullins comes from his website bio page:

Chuck Mullins works exclusively as a freelance artist under the business name Chucks ArtBox painting private commissions such as illustrations, portraits, fantasy art, concept designs, comic art, caricatures, photo-manipulations, logos and advertising designs.

Mullins' mash-up X-Minions artwork created for Free Comic Book Day has gone viral in relation to the X-Men Days of Future Past blockbuster movie and is being featured on social networks and dozens of pop culture websites like,, and many more. He is a newly featured art contributor to some of these pop culture websites that include international art websites like TeeNow in Brazil. His future endeavors outside of fine art include plans for Graphic Novels, Comics, and RPG Fantasy Art.

To see more of Chuck Mullins work go to his website.

Minion Black Widow

Minion Captain America

Minion Hawkeye

Minion Hulk

Minion Ironman

Minion Nick Fury

Minion Quicksilver

Minion Scarlet Witch

Minion Thor

Minion Vision

Minion Ultron

Via We Geek Girls

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