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Let me just start by saying there were some parts of the movie that were awesome, but some parts which I hated. Altogether though this movie was awesome.

Let's take a look at some of the posters for this movie going in..

Pretty cool right?

Now let's look at some of the awesome moments.

The party scene was great. It was running so many different angles. Banner and Widow's flirting, Captains and Tonys friction, Thor's booze, and Warmachine's comedy, not to mention the Stan Lee cameo, and the killer robots.

Hawkeye's and Quicksilvers friction was also great. "Oh you didn't see that coming" was a great line by both heroes. Also seeing the other side of Hawkeye was a great great thing. He has a family, and another question comes up, is he walking away from Avenging?

Captain America's and Ultron's scene was also great were they fought it out like pros.

Let's take a look at...


What a character! I absolutely loved him. James Spader killed it. He had great chemistry with all of our heroes, and I believe has been the best MCU villain yet, (Sorry Loki). I especially loved the scene where he chops off the hand. It shows that he is not Iron Man, and he won't take crap about it. It also shows that he has anger issues which is great, since he clearly does have emotions.

Also there was that same funny moment that we say in the original Avengers where Hulk punches Ultron and sends him flying. Hulk rams Loki into the floor repeatedly in the first one. I see a pattern don't you?

Great Great Job.

Now let's take a look at...

The Twins

Yup they were great. They took the Avenger's out not once but twice. It was a great performance by both and I especially believe that Scarlett gave a great performance. I however still don't quite know what the Witch can do. It seems she could do a bit of everything. She took the Avenger's for a ride for sure!

Even though Quicksilver died, he will not stay dead for long, and you can check my article out on that on my page. I would love to see the moment they reunite, which would probably be in the Infinity Wars, or even sooner in Captain America Civil War.

Now let's take a look at...

The Vision

What a character! He was serious and comedic at the same time. Even though he had little screen time he made the most of it. I loved the scene were he picked up Thor's hammer, the theatre was in shock and laughter for the next ten minutes.

Also the movie only enhanced the moment since earlier on they had a competition to see who was worthy. The Vision is worthy!

I look forward to seeing the Vision in upcoming movies, however I do miss Jarvis!

Now let's take a look at...

The Hulk

He's gone, and no-one knows where. When will he be back? No one knows. He left behind a broken hearted Black Widow. Perhaps this could set up Planet Hulk?

Anyway I though he was great throughout the movie, especially the new aggressive Banner. He threatened the twins stated that he could snap their necks without even breaking a sweat. That's a new Banner, he's not the timid, shy guy we know and love. This is the Banner I want to see. I also loved his chemistry with Tony.

Overall it was some great stuff, and I loved the movie. I loved the comedic relief. I loved the part about Thor's hammer, and I loved the action sequences.

I also loved that a new Avengers team has been formed led by Captain America. Although some other questions come up like when will we see the Hulk or Hawkeye again.

Overall a great attempt by Marvel. Especially the recurring language joke.


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