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Have you ever wanted to be inside of a horror movie? Night Terrors is a new game created by Novum Analytics which makes you the star of your own horror movie. Utilizing your phones sensors, the app literally creates a map of your house while playing. Creating a house of horrors for you to explore with your phone. The app will actually detect walls and make sounds actually sound like they are coming from behind the wall. Check out the video below:

As our technology grows, so will our entertainment. This could be the future of haunted houses. Except you will be able to turn your own house into whatever haunted house you want. With other companies throwing their hats into the rings with augmented reality tech, this could be the new form of entertainment for the future. No longer will we go to a movie to get scared. We will live the movie. One thing that makes this app stand out, is the use of practical effects. When you see the ghosts and demons in the game, you are seeing real effects that they filmed. This gives the entities a full bodied look that is truly terrifying. Help see this game come to life by donating at their Indiegogo page.

Would you play Night Terrors?

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