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If you haven't had the chance to see Age of Ultron yet you totally should and if you can see it in IMAX do it. I got the chance to see it opening night in IMAX and I was anything BUT disappointed. Being a DC fan I usually like darker superhero movies, that being said I still adored Age of Ultron. The movie has almost TOO much humor in it where in any other movie it might spoil the movie but in Age of Ultron not only does the humor work it shows how close knit the entire team is. There's a running joke between Cap and everyone else that doesn't really get old and isn't over used. The humor goes to show that this team has been doing this long enough that some missions are more of a walk in the park than a ride through hell. There is a few swear words and to be honest it never earned an R rating but it sure as hell earned that PG-13 and the swearing in the movie doesn't feel like it was thrown in just to make it PG-13 it actually works with the movie itself much like the jokes and messing around.

Sub Plots (I said spoiler free and I meant it gosh darn it!):

The movie has one or two characters that could have had their relationships/sub plot fleshed out either before the movie or during but I still felt that I really didn't care, the points where it happens feel so genuine and so "this could totally happen to this/these character(s)" that it really didn't bother me as much. Now if you haven't been in the loop or seen the movie this next part really isn't a spoiler. If you heard the rumor about Hulk and the Widow than you already know that in this movie they have a relationship. I won't go any further than that but I will say that was one of the points where I was like "you couldn't have teased something like this before you made it a thing?" but it was one of those things that was so well performed and so "this could totally happen" that you forget that it wasn't mentioned before. One thing I really loved about the movie was how wrong it proved anyone that says BvS is over crowded, I know I know I'm talking about Batman in an article about Age of Ultron but still, one thing the movie did well that it could have potentially really screwed up was the character sub plots. There was a total of 5 stories being told during this one movie. 7 if you count Hulk and Widow and the Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch having the same sub plot but doing it together. If Snyder does this right (which I have no doubts he will screw this movie up) than BvS will work amazingly well, the thing I notice about BvS is the "overcrowding" isn't really overcrowding due to the fact that if anything most of these characters will just be cameos. As compared to Age of Ultron who's "cameos" were not cameos but ACTUAL characters with their own well written and well done sub plots. The movie does really well making any s


It's a Marvel movie so the action is going to be PG and the fighting is going to be flashy. Actually this couldn't be further from the truth, sure the fighting is flashy but the action is anything BUT PG, people die in this movie innocent people but it isn't Man of Steel body count but more like 5-10 people die. One of my favorite things the movie did was it made me love ALL of the characters, each character had their own super badass moments that just left me at the edge of my seat. ESPECIALLY the Hulk. They made the Hulk the coolest character in the movie in my opinion, when he's mad, he's mad and there is almost no stopping the Hulk from smashing. And when he roars, it sends shivers down the spine. Another really good scene was the Hulk vs Hulkbuster scene which I will not spoil because:

So there you have it. My opinions on Age of Ultron. And should you see it? It's definitely worth the 15 bucks for IMAX. You would be missing out if you didn't.


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