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Every hero has his foil. Without a villain to defeat, a superhero is worthless. Spidey has Venom, Mario has Bowser, and Superman has Lex Luthor. But perhaps no villain has been as memorable and captivating as The Joker.

Since The Joker’s first appearance, he has been a fan favorite and the benchmark of what a comic book villain should be. He is unpredictable, undeniably evil, and certifiably insane, and it’s these character traits that make him such a great villain.

To celebrate 75 years of insanity since The Joker first arrived, All That’s Epic is taking a look at the origins of the Clown Prince of Crime and his evolution, through TV and film, into the character that he has become today. So, let’s put a smile on that face and get ready for some of the Joker’s most memorable appearances. And here we go.

“Batman” #1 (1940)

The Joker's very first appearance in "Batman" #1
The Joker's very first appearance in "Batman" #1

The Joker first showed up on the scene in Detective Comics’ “Batman #1.” From the very first panels in which The Joker appears, he is already sporting many aspects of his trademark appearance and MO. He has the green hair and purple suit that have become Joker signatures, as well as a “mask-like” white face and burning “hate-filled eyes.”

For his first crime, The Joker steals a large diamond and replaces it with a fake. He has administered a slow-acting poison that will kill Claridge, the diamond’s owner, the following day. His plan, which is typical of the Joker, is to widely publicize the fact that he plans to do the robbery and murder and then watch authorities squirm as he seemingly does it right under their noses. Little do they know that the crime was committed the day before, and the Joker is long gone.

Throughout the years, The Joker has a knack for similar types of crimes. He will announce the crime to the city, and despite Batman and the police’s best efforts, he still manages to pull it off. From his earliest beginnings, The Joker is a criminal genius who loves to play with people’s minds.

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