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Casting news is dropping fast for ABC Family's "Shadowhunters", a 2016 Television Show and an extension of the 2013 movie, based upon the series of books by Cassandra Clare.

A few weeks ago we heard that the show had found their Jace in the form of Vampire Academy alumni, Dominic Sherwood (picture below in a video thanking the fans) who played fire-wielding Moroi Christian Ozera in 2014's Vampire Academy.

Today comes the news that Alberto Rosende has been cast as Clary's BFF Simon, whilst Emeraude Toubia has been cast as "gorgeous" Shadowhunter Isabelle!

The both relatively unknown actors, so only time will tell whether or not they're right for their respective roles. Emeraude is stunning, so whilst I've not seen her act, looks wise she's a good match for Isabelle. Alberto, I initially thought was playing Alec, simply because of the resemblance between him and Emeraude. I think once we see his chemistry with whoever the actress is that'll be playing Clary, it'll be a lot easier to judge him.

Or you can judge him based on this adorable little video that he's done for the fans!

Isn't he just the most adorable thing ever!?

Look at his little glasses! He's so Simon-y!

*Fangirl Moment*

Check out Emeraude's video too!


What do you think of the Shadowhunter cast so far?


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