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So last night i went to see the midnight showing of Age Of Ultron, and i will tell you this. IT WAS STRAIGHT MARVELOUS. Don't worry i'm not some little kid who watches a movie and only sees the good things about it, ill point out some flaws... like one or two. Anyway lets get on thing straight, Hawkeye sucks, and if you've seen the movie you will know that the whole time Hawkeye gets his ass whooped over and over again as well as getting roasted from the team and even his own wife. Oh whoops was that a spoiler? As for Ultron...

He may not have his classic comic book look (sinister eye, evil smile) but the man who voiced him... you know him as James Spader, i know him as Robert California. Personally if you look at his face long enough he looks a little funny but it is 2015 and hes the most life like robot I've ever seen in a movie... other than you know a cyborg or something. Which brings me to my next topic Cyborgs... or aka Vision (Is he a cyborg? i don't know never really read any comics about him.)

This guy... OH BOY this guy! Now i know enough about vision to tell you this, HE WAS KICKASS. Pardon my french? Even though i don't think he lived up to his potential in the movie i'm sure he will in the next one, and yes he will be in the next i assume due to the ending where Cap and Natasha are talking to who i believe will be in the next Avengers movie. (BTW that little gem on his head, super important.)

(Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Falcon, Vision, Cap, and Black Widow.)

Now onto our next thing, Quicksilver. Now I don't know if you've seen the movie or not but i'm sure you already have assumed what happens to him. The Russian we all know and love or loved... for about a month or two is... dead. That's right everyone i said it. he died.

Unfortunate, or not? He does get... well rebithed? Or resurrected somehow. Its in the comics people look it up. Never been A huge fan of this guy so I don't know too much from his past. My view on his death is... well i'm heartbroken to say the least alright, him and his sister just wanted to be heroes for the 20 minutes they were able to be! Then he had to go out in the worst way possible...

(protecting Hawkeye *eyeroll*)

As for our beloved Hulk...

Again this is a major spoiler, I didn't put that spoiler thing here though because i'm a jerk. Hes gone guys. He was talking about running off with Nat until she threw him down a hole so he could save the world. Then in the end he gets into one of the helicarriers pods and flies away tooooo... what i'm hoping will be..

but Marvel said that will be a no go... so my next option would be...

Unless for some reason i missed the boring conversation Nick and Natasha were having about Bruce, I think he said something about him jumping out somewhere and they couldn't track him or whatever i'm not sure but all in all ive been waiting for Planet Hulk/WWHulk since i was like 10 and saw the Incredible Hulk movie.

In the end of it all when the dust settled, Ultron was defeated and Iron Man Kicked total assage. The movie was great, especially the after credit scene! I know what you're thinking, didn't whats his face say it wouldn't have one? Well guess what, it did. It was super cool and Thanos is pissed.

Anyway the movie was incredible i was totally satisfied, Spider Man didn't attend the avengers ass kicking this time but i'm sure hell be around soon.


what did you guys think? let me know!


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