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Well I started this because i wanted to write a comment for anther blog and i did so now Ill do one of my own.Supernatural has changed who I am and the way i look at life.The way they have dealt with questions about life and death.The way they have been able to stay a family and love each other through all the craziness.I have two brothers and I know how hard it is to get along.I have different viewpoints about everything compared with my brothers.I admire how they've been able to do that.I have watched them grow up while they were on the show.Their characters I mean although I'm sure the real people have grown as well.They never swayed too far out of character.The real reason for the shows success is because they never forgot their base character.They merely built on it.That is the real genius and talent that I've seen.Dean has demonstrated this so well.He has kept his original character intact.The passion that he puts into every performance is strong.You really feel like your fighting with him.Its easy to put yourself in his shoes and say what would I do?That's why everyone was so carried away with the yellow fever episode because it was so unlike him.This is a man who put a bullet into the head of the devil himself and he's screaming like a little girl.So funny.I was talking with a friend who doesn't even watch the show and i found myself talking about that episode.He googled it and loved it.It was a real treat for true fans.You could tell the whole Eye of the Tiger part was spur of the moment.Thank God they kept rolling.It has been an absolute joy to watch them grow over the years.They do best when they are doing regular investigations and solving the problem whatever that is.Good old fashioned ghost hunting or monster hunting.Thats the fun of the show is saying to yourself what would I do?Sam has grown as well.Ive noticed on this season that he has grown wise and seems alot more content than he used to be.When he was talking to the girl who came looking for her mother who had been kidnapped by the angel it was evident he was content and also had learned alot and was willing to share his knowledge.I never want this show to end,I just don't but I know it will eventually.I picture them siting on the back porch of a house in the country with a nice view of a meadow and lake drinking some long island iced tea and talking about old times.I see Bobby appearing and smiling at them.They don't see him but it doesn't matter.


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