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Dear Rian Johnson,

Congratulations on being officially announced as the director for Star Wars episode 8 set to be released on May 26, 2017. We are huge fans of your work and can't wait to see what direction you take the movie and the story in! We have a casting request for you that over 2,000 people have backed that would be great for your movie!

Her name is Emma Bell. She is an American actress from New Jersey that has starred in the Dallas TV series reboot and movies such as Adam Green's Frozen, and popular horror movie Final Destination 5. She in a multi-talented actress who can act in roles ranging from drama to horror to romance. She is passionate about sci-fi, fantasy and she is a big fan of Star Wars. She would make a great casting choice and Star Wars fans around the world will love her once they get to know her better.

photo-shopped fan picture of Emma in Star Wars
photo-shopped fan picture of Emma in Star Wars

Her relatively unknown status among most moviegoers and Star Wars fans is a positive to casting her. Star Wars, especially the first trilogy has a tradition in casting unknown and relatively unknown actors and actresses and Emma Bell fits in that category perfectly. Not only is she young, athletic and beautiful, she can already be counted on as a solid actor who can adapt well to various acting situations and genres.

So what do you say sir? We know that you have at least been kind enough to respond to our campaign once in the past. Will you consider casting Emma Bell or at least audition her? You would not be making a mistake by doing so and she would give 100% of her talents and effort into her role in episode 8 if cast.

May the force be with you!

- The @castemmabell staff and the supporters.


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