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Over the years.. Spawn has been a great influence in my life and many other's. For all the lover's of spawn, myself included may think that Spawn needs a reboot. Why you ask?.. Well let me tell you, Spawn the movie was great and the animated series was incredible. I believe that the movie should have gone into more detail about how spawn came to be, and should have focused a little more time on telling us the origins of the hell-spawn.

Secondly if you relate back to the comics of spawn, you would come to realize that spawn eventually grew strong enough to dethrone both satan and God. now we all know that the animated series (at least i think it doesn't talk about it.) and also the movie never mentions how spawn dethroned Satan and God, and I really think that the movie + the animated series should have included that.

Now there has been a rumor that they may reboot spawn (only rumor's though) but i personally would wish that they do make it happen because I feel as if the movie had quite a bit of flaws, but don't get me wrong it was still great. But I think they could have done a better job at making the movie.

Thirdly I think they should reboot spawn based on the fact that we didn't see much comic references, personally they should have included more about the original story in the movie. If they were ever to reboot Spawn I would hope that they base it off of the comic book storyline.


Should They Reboot Spawn?


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