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Here's my next top ten list; Top ten shows cancelled before their time. Please do not criticize me not including your opinion, this is my own. I also won't be including Firefly as, well, it always comes up so doesn't need mentioning again.

So, here we go:

10: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

So, starting off is the Terminator spin-off show. This was fantastic, well acted, and honestly, well made. In fact, it's production was better than both Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation. However, it still got cancelled after two seasons, leaving it's viewers with a cliffhanger.

9. Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

Another well made show, this is the show that made me think James Vanderbeek could actually do something good. It was funny, charming, and both Chloe and June were H.O.T. Hot! But then, I was a 20 year old lad watching it, so I would clock that haha.

8. Star Trek: The Original Series

It promised five years. It gave three. It was still better than Voyager, Babylon 5, Battlestar Gallactica and a number of other Sci-Fi shows which ran longer.

7. Stargate Atlantis

Now, this one did get a good run. However, the SG-1 spin off ended at 5 seasons, versus the parent show's 10, and was, in my opinion, the better written of the two. However, that wasn't enough, and it ended at 100 episodes.

6. The Borgias

Now, this one was a fantastic show. Well written, well produced, well acted, well everything. However, after three seasons, it came to an end, leaving us having never got to see Rodrigo's end or Cesare's. The only small consolation is the European produced Borgia did give us the historical details that were missed.

5. The Tudors

Another historical drama, this show was fantastic. However, despite it's title, it was only really about Henry VIII, and thus, ended when it reached the end of his life. A shame, since they could've gone through his children and got a few more seasons.

4. Star Trek: Enterprise

Our second Star Trek entry, Enterprise was cancelled after season four, with it's penultimate two parter feeling more like a finale than it's final episode. However, it's ending, featuring all three main Enterprise Captain's from the TV series reading the classic "Space, the final frontier" speech was amazing. My only gripe was that it only included three of the seven Starship Enterprises and their Captains.

3. Knight Rider (2008)

This was a great continuation of the classic 1980's show, and frankly, it was a travesty it got cancelled. I still hope the story will be continued yet again but it's doubtful.

2. Stargate Universe

So, the next Stargate season to be on here, Universe saw a group stranded on an Ancient Starship and honestly, it was well written, with a format and style not dissimilar to the recent Battlestar Gallactica remake, which honestly worked. But apparently, that wasn't enough, and, as with Terminator, it was cancelled on a cliffhanger.

1. Torchwood

This show was great! It got 4 series in the end, the last one being a joint BBC and Starz production. However, it seemed to suffer slightly on the last series from this, losing the British charm present in series 1 and 2 (and to a degree 3) in favor of a very Americanized format. Worst of all, it had that thing we all hate; a cliffhanger ending. Why? I don't know. However, officially, it hasn't been cancelled. It's just on an "indefinite hiatus". However, given nothing has been mentioned for the last few years, it's safe to assume this Doctor Who spin off is gone. Shame really, but who knows; Jack and his little gang might still make a come back at some stage on Doctor Who. So long as Jack does, I'll be happy.

So, that's it. My top 10 shows cancelled before their time. Please, feel free to share your own thoughts on shows that should've gone on longer (though please nothing Joss Whedon, yes, he gets bad luck with shows, but honestly, he's better suited to movies anyway. See Avengers Age of Ultron, it's amazing). Peace out :P


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