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The other day I re-watch the Hulk (2008) and I have to say, it was still great! I loved the immense amount of effort and detail that went into making the green behemoth so realistic. From the striation of the muscle structure to the detail of the muscles twitching from the cold rain; the stubble on his mug to the color of his eyes when he's injected with the "antidote". It's these details that I make me love that movie so much. Even the way you could read his emotional expressions was awesome; complete with the subtle tension tremble from clenched teeth.

There was an aura of imperilment and awe. You were hit in the chest with a feeling of alarm and borderline dread, for those on the receiving end of Hulk's focused unabated rage.

As I sat re-watching this great film play out before me and I found myself comparing the detail of the 2008 Incredible Hulk with the detail with the Avengers Hulk. I then started comparing the two and, with regards to the Avengers Hulk, I was suddenly feeling a bit...well...meh.

Mark Ruffalo portrays Bruce Banner in stellar form and the Avengers Hulk is great. What I'm bummed out about is the level of detail. Before anyone starts blasting the comments section below; yes, I know the amount of effort that goes into CG work and it is a lot! Nonetheless, that's what impresses me so much about the 2008 Hulk.

He would roar, throw his arms out, and you would feel like "Yep. I just peed a little." It was visceral and had a sense of realism that, I feel, we don't get with the Avengers Hulk. The 2008 Incredible Hulk was more unchained.

With the 2008 Incredible Hulk, you can see the muscles flex and move with every movement and when stressed to pickup a load. As a result he as a physique that's as shredded as this HUMMN-V.

With all the detail you knew Hulk knew exactly what he was capable of. Every muscle seemed to be chiseled and he looked like he was at 3% body fat. Combine that with the immense level of detail and the intimation factor is an o-ring pucker factor of about 9.5. Liv Tyler's reaction in the above gif is a good example of this.

With the Avengers Hulk I feel more inclined to hug it out first then try to run for my life. Sure, he's a hulking mass of anger that nobody would want to mess with, however, the intimidation factor is more like an 8. Maybe I'm nit-picking. Maybe it's my fitness trainer vocation kicking into OCD. Nonetheless, I'm hoping that we'll be given another stand a lone Hulk movie with as much detail and intimidation as the 2008 and that the phase 2 Hulk will look like he's stopped eating all the ice cream in the zip code.

Again, Mark Ruffalo gives an amazing performance and really captures the essence of Banner. I love that. I love how he allows his personal friendship to show the growing comradery between Bruce and Tony. Banner's aggression is glossed over by intellect and would be mindful avoidance of stressful situations. So much so that we almost forget that there is a powder keg of wrath lurking just under the surface.

Perhaps Marvel wanted to go with a more comic book type Hulk as to not scare the kiddies? I don't know. That reason just doesn't seem to scan. If it were the case, then why did they green light the Incredible Hulk? I dunno, am I the only one who thinks we need a more visceral Hulk?


Which Hulk do you prefer?


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