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From the time I was three and till this day I had/have an imaginary friend named Nya. I know its weird having an "imaginary friend" when younare 14but just listen to the story. So I had a imaginary friend named Nya. She had very bright blonde hair and wore a plain white dress and her hair was curlyish wavyish and she had hazel eyes. She went every where with me and if me and my family was going somewhere where Nya couldn't, I would refuse to go. She was the nicest and sweetest person to me. Until one day I was sitting on the couch and Nya was sitting beside me. Well no one else could see her but me so my sister "sat on her". I screamed that she was sitting on her and that we would kill my sister for that. Nothing ever happened after that. Now I know she's with me and follows me but I know she will never harm me because every time I get in a fight with someone I see her and she talks to me. I know people say you shouldn't do this and its wrong but I know that she is the only one that will never hurt me and she will always be with me. Sorry if I freaked you out but it's the truth.✌


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