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Matthew Anthony

We celebrated National Superhero Day this week, which is appropriate considering that the biggest superhero movie of 2015 opens today. That got me thinking about who my favorite superhero is. There are so many great characters, so many great stories and memorable moments in all the various comic iterations from pulp pages to big screen blockbusters. Picking Lynda Carter's decidedly cornball take on Wonder Woman as my favorite might sound like a bizarre choice. Am I really going to ignore the vast menagerie of modern day superhero choices to honor a corny slice of 70s TV diversion? Yes I am. And here's why...

I don't need to defend Lynda on looks alone. The woman was the walking, talking embodiment of what beauty and sex appeal were all about back in the day. For that reason alone she could conceivably become my favorite.

And I won't try to make a comparison between then and now. The high octane superhero content of today is nothing like Lynda's show. That dissimilarity could leave one struck by the absurdity of what they were doing then. It was a nutty thing, even by the offbeat television standards of the day. You'd have to consult Adam West and his pure comedy approach to Batman to top Lynda's WW silliness. All that said, comparing then and now isn't entirely fair. Superheroes and their stories change over the years. The Wonder Woman Lynda was playing isn't the version you might see today. She was more like a tribute to the WW kids in the 40s read about, mixed with a little contemporary Playboy T&A goodness for the grownup demographic.

Looked at from that perspective, I don't think you could find a more perfectly cast superhero than Lynda's WW. She looked the part like no one who has come before or after. That black hair, the blue eyes, long legs and generous rack - she was born to play that part. A comparable match made in heaven situation between an actor and the superhero they play, might be Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Ironman. Still, you could just as easily associate him with any of his other great movies and roles. When I think of Lynda, I think of Wonder Woman. And that's how it always will be. I'm sure Gal Gadot will do fine when she takes over the role in the Justice League movie. They'll still be comparing her to Lynda though and rightfully so. Anyway, I doubt we will ever see Gal trying desperately to keep her boobs covered as she fights off a dude in a gorilla suit. Too bad.


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