ByBrad Dee, writer at

For years, we have marveled at the artistic abilities of John Romita Junior, as he has drawn such iconic characters as Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and recently Superman. He spent a majority of his career in Marvel alongside his father, but in recent months, has moved onto DC to start a new career there. He stated that he always wanted to draw the Justice League, and in this new issue of Superman he finally gets that chance. But, not only does he get to draw them, he gets to write them as this is the writing debut of the artist known as John Romita Junior. But, like many writers, his debut truly falls short.

In recent issues, Geoff Johns and John Romita have taken Superman on a journey that has included a new villain, a mystery character in the background and a new power that is called the Solar Flare. But, as most reviewers have agreed, this set started off strongly but fell flat by the end. This issue does the same, as Romita displays that having too much to work with is sometimes a bad thing. The issue discusses more on Superman's new ability and what exactly triggers it and what happens when he uses it. Yes, it's the EXACT same plot as last issue. He even gets into tussles with regular folk when his powers are low. But, how last issue worked involved the casual interaction of Clark and Jimmy as both prepare for a life of knowing the secrets that follow. In this issue, the interactions involve Superman and the entire Justice League, but the writing seems forced and out of character. It even includes a casual drinking scene with the cast of the Justice League as they discuss his new abilities, and we get to watch Clark get drunk for the first time in his life. Does the issue work? No. It doesn't because if you only read the final page of this issue, you read enough. Nothing that happens in this issue didn't happen in the last issue. But, at least we get to see some nice art by Romita as he draws the hell out of the entire Justice League. Wish I could say it was better, but then I would be lying. I give this issue a 4 out of 10.


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