ByBrad Dee, writer at

New Avengers #33 is one of those comics where you need to read it and think about what it is trying to accomplish. Then, you need to read it a second time to think about what you learned on the first go-round and see how it really was developed earlier in the issue. I am giving fair warning on this issue, it's a totally mindwarp and is filled with some intelligent dialogue that you may question who this issue was truly meant for. Was it for the younger reader, cause is so, you will confuse them to no end; or was it meant for the older reader who may get frustrated by the outcome of the issue and what it really displays? Honestly I am not sure, but, it really is a mindjolt.

The issue opens with Doctor Doom, The Molecule Man and Doctor Strange discussing how Doom could really be the man behind the mirror and the doomer of the worlds. As Doom explains, the incursions are truly the work of the Molecule Man, and we end up with 24 pages of exposition discussing the origin of the Molecule Man, the reason for the incursions, the plan to defeat the Beyonders, the origin of the Black Swans, and the reason why there are so few universes left. Wow, that's alot to take in during just one issue. But, we do take it in and some of it makes alot of sense when you reread the issue, and some of it totally falls flat. But, one has to be happy with how Doom does take center stage, and we get to watch as his ego finally causes the undoing of the mutiverse. But, some of the problems with this issue involve the plan that Doom has, because we will need to read between the lines to figure it all out, and some parts are never explained in the issue. Also, since this is the final issue of New Avengers, we don't get any type of closure between the characters from that series, as this issue is all about Doom. Hickman does try and explain some of the mysteries that have been present in the series from the beginning, but, some fans will be annoyed at the lack of clarity that comes out of the issue. Once again, Hickman displays that some concepts may work great on paper, but once it's put on comic book format, it becomes a confusing mess. I give this issue a 5 out of 10. If I had only read the issue once, it would have only been a 3 out of 10.


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