ByRazan Qaoud, writer at
Razan Qaoud

They already took away our love McSteamy now McDreamy?!?! Why?!?!

McSteamy aka. Mark Sloan was an amazing character, funny, smart and as the name gives Steamy hot!! But when Lexie died in the plane crash I think we all saw his death coming too.

But now they take away McDreamy aka. Derek Shepherd, the show is practically over once Meredith gets over his death. He was one of the most favored characters on the show. There is even a petition going around to try to bring him back on the show.

Not sure what the writers of Grays Anatomy have planned. What is the show is coming to an end? Or maybe a big come back with a new guy. But I honestly don't see Meredith with anyone else. Maybe they will bring Cristina Yang back to help Meredith cope with the loss of her love. Who knows. We will just have to wait for the answers.

But for now, does anyone else have any idea why they would kill him off?


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