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Our favorite Timelord has regenerated. But this time in the form of Pacman. Instead of being flesh he is now a gaming character.

How would this work? #1

It would be exactly the same as normal Pacman but with different character designs and different level designs. 13 Doctors, 13 levels. The Doctor would obviously be Pacman. The enemy of each level would be a different Villain of the Doctors. You would still be collecting all the coins as normal.
Each level could be based around one Doctor and one of their stories. For example;

1st Doctor- The War Machines
2nd Doctor- The Invasion
3rd Doctor- Inferno
4th Doctor- Genesis of the Daleks
5th Doctor- Warriors of the Deep
6th Doctor- Trial of a Timelord
7th Doctor- Survival
8th Doctor- The Movie
War Doctor- The Day of the Doctor
9th Doctor- Aliens of London
10th Doctor- Blink
11th Doctor- Night Terrors
12th Doctor- Deep Breath

Once the level is complete, you would move onto the next level and conquer a new adventure.

How would this work? #2

Sort of like the last idea but instead of a different Doctor per level, all the Doctors have the chance to appear in each level. Once you get caught by one of the ghosts/villains, the Doctor Pacman would regenerate into the next Doctor Pacman. Once all 13 Doctors have been used that's it. GAME OVER! Time to start again.

Bonus Levels!

Collect a certain coin in each level, then you've earned yourself a bonus level! These bonus levels would be based around the Doctor Who Special Episodes. For example;

The Three Doctors
The Five Doctors
The Two Doctors
The Christmas Specials ETC.

Complete every single level including the bonus levels, then you might just be able to be a Timelord Pacman too!


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