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(The entire post is my personal opinion, and I know i am hurring the things a little bit here but.......who cares!!)

The beginning of the Justice League for DC and Warner

If DC comics wants to show us whit Warner Bros that they can make a really good movie fot The Justice League they must show us the real power here, and i mean giving us the exact same ours superherous can be.

They didnt do a bad job whit Man of Steel i like it because DC showed us a darker Superman and it wasnt bad for me, but leaving that appart, they gave us a man who can actually play as Superman and that is what we want. They are going to prove everyone that the Batman played by Ben Aflec is going to be a badass as always Batman had showed us.

Better know as " The strongest mortal " .... Shazam has always been compared to a god....Why??

Because he has been one of the few that can match a little bit mightiness whit Superman in one batlle and in the comic Shazam is the one who can control the power of thunder or lightning so... If DC wants to show us a real Shazam they must put in the big screen a man who can figth and be like our new Superman, because that batlle let me tell you wil be an epic one.

Superman Vs Cap. Marvel
Superman Vs Cap. Marvel

Our villain ( Black Adam - Daywne Johnson )

I mean comnon!! The showed us The Rock as Black Adam 4 years before knowing who is going to play Shazam!! Thats why i have so much faith in this movie, enyone can say whatever they whant about the Rock as an actor but let be honest he has proven that he can be a badass in the movies plus a great actor so i trust this man as the mortal enemy of Shazam.

My most viable option for the possible character that can play Shazam

Before telling you guys the name of the person that for me is the best one to play Shazam, i have heard about cuople of names that likely can play Shazam

  • Jhon Cena
  • Brandon Molale

These two names have been those who have most notorious these days so maybe thay will play Shazam ......I hope no!!! but who knows

The best option to the next Shazam


Roman Reigns!!! I know he is just a wrestler but?? wasnt the Rock just one too?!

You should be asking yourself ........WHY HIM???

Well he (for me) is the only person that can be compared to "The most powerful mortal" Because he is one of the few persons that can in the real life match the Rock in a batlle, The Rock the main villain in the movie. He has the body type and the height to perform Shazam.

I mean if DC wants to give us a really good movie where the people in the cinema is whit the Superhero he is the best option to it. Or DC wants to show us a movie where everyone supports the bad guy ??..........I dont think so, because they must put him in the next Justice League Movie they planed the second one so we should like Shazam !!

He would be the perfect match to figth the Rock, i am not a really big fan of WWE anymore for the TotalDrama they play but, this guy in the show is smashing, and make the people love him.

Besides he already fought against the rock

So i am asking for a little faith for this guy i belive he could play Shazam i mean look at him if he just cut his hair a lttle he is the "The most powerful mortal"


Who would you like to see as the next Shazam?


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