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"Shadow of the Future"

Jenna Firemage
Jenna Firemage

It has been many months since the regular faculty of Ice Ray Academy had any problems to deal with. This has caused the students to become more reckless and the teachers in turn less lax in their restrictions on using magic outside of the school grounds. This would soon prove to be a huge error in judgement...

Corrine Daniels
Corrine Daniels

A few certain students, among them Jenna Firemage and Corrine Daniels, took the weekend off from studying for an important quiz on Comprehensive Theology of Magikal Lore in their final year. Both the witches were geniuses in their own fields of magic, but despite this fact they did not realize that certain magical secrets are best to leave uncovered forever rather then brought back up into the light of modern day.

Tamiyo, the current Blue Planeswalker Guardian of Earth, had been working nonstop for quite a few months to restore the moon since the visage of the late robotic hacker [email protected] was carved deep into it after Jace had returned to Ravnica following his quest to help the werewolves escape the magical time curse placed upon them at the time by the evil archvillain Lucifer. She had no desire to face any of the evil magic users there in Superhero City while she worked to fully restore the moon, and thus did this first line of magical defense not see the ancient threat slowly approaching...

Jenna Firemage along with her dorm roommate and sometimes class rival Corrine Daniels slowly were enjoying the cool fall colored foliage and neighborhoods of Superhero City outside of the Academy walls. It was their first trip since the school had been attacked following the evil actions of one of its older enemies, Alexis the Demon. While neither had ever met her before, both had heard legends of her cruelty and thirst for power as were well documented in the Academy archival library.

"Don't you feel excited that soon we will no longer have to have classes anymore?" Corrine asked her smiling. Jenna could see the excitement in her eyes and hear it in her voice as she nodded merrily too. Unlike Corrine, she had more safe experience there in the city itself and she hoped that no magical problems arose during their simple escapade. But she was also aware that no matter how calm the city might appear, trouble was always going on no matter who was causing it or what was involved.

"I hope that the holidays this year are more enjoyable then last year," Jenna replied, remembering that due to certain events she had been involved in, Jenna had found her long lost oldest brother and with his help seemingly killed the dracolich that had been after their family for too long. She frowned slightly, remembering how it had been revealed that both siblings had been under control of his evil magical brainwashing to the point none had recognized that the other was their relative and even worse both had done evil in the city in his bid to create chaos. "If Zerocurew the Dracolich is dead," she thought aloud,"why did I see and have to battle him again one on one when our half Fae-Re-keen friend and ally Acidburn helped us and the Academy Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup who everyone knows is your boyfriend to rescue our school and everyone among the students and faculty there from the dreadful void we had all been banished to following that great battle last year?"

Corrine shuddered a little when her rival and roommate's words also brought up the same memories in her mind as well. "Jenna," she slowly began to say, "I think there is something you need to know that I could be sent into solitary detention for if the faculty knew I was saying this." As though afraid they might hear her thoughts, she looked around to make sure no one else was nearby who might be eavesdropping. "From things I accidentally heard slip during certain meetings my dad had before his sudden disappearance in the weeks before I came to the academy, there might be a small possibility we are related."

In the silence that followed, one could have heard a volcano erupt and not even have noticed.

During the citywide event Tug of War: Eternal Darkness, two sinister villains secretly observed via scrying from another plane of existence the chaos and turmoil that was happening on Earth. When it was over they slowly discussed their plans for this year's upcoming holiday festivals in Superhero City. "You know we will be able to rightly use all the negative energy to bring our Master back to life," one remarked with an evil cackle of cruel laughter to the other. "However we must be more careful not to allow the mistakes of the past to repeat themselves again this time. Too much is riding on the newest plot we have been assigned to machinate."

The other slowly nodded, as though in deep thought. "It is a shame our fellow associate has not fully recovered yet from his last experience fighting against our sworn blood enemies. Apparently we all were taken unawares at the time that they had grown so powerful or had powerful allies too no less. Now however, the time is soon at hand when they face a greater power then us and we will have to prevent them at all costs from succeeding this time or we will suffer a fate worse then our ally did."

Suddenly a huge shadow fell across the area of the mysterious plane they were on and a terrifyingly ancient and evil voice known only so far to them and their master spoke out. "You both would be wise not to allow your scrying to be traceable. //He// may not be fully awake yet but //he// has sent me to make absolutely certain you both understand firsthand that his anger has not yet abated towards both of you and your lesser powered associate despite the fact that certain things happened which we unfortunately were unable to foresee at the time. As a result, I have been placed in charge for this part of our side's continuing plot and I will tolerate no rebellion from either of you! Do I make myself clear?" Without another word this figure vanished from physical and magical sight just as suddenly as it had appeared. The two remaining beings knew he would be watching very carefully to make certain they did not become ambitious and try to overstep their duties this time and instantly they put up a barrier from even scrying itself so no one who was a servant of good would ever know they were being overheard before resuming their scrying upon Jenna Firemage and Corrine Daniels.

Looks like there are multiple plots brewing for the upcoming holidays but the masterminds and motives will not be revealed until the time is right. For now, it is only revealed to be known that evil is again stirring on Earth and surrounding planes and this time it is not going to be prevented by those who call themselves Earth's Defenders without heavy losses and sacrifices.

The look on Jenna's face surprised Corrine a little at first. She should have seen it coming, she thought, but maybe she simply had not known her long enough. After all both girls had been in their class for only a few months since Jenna had returned from her evil possessed form and the school itself had returned from its place of temporary exile. Before she could say anything else, suddenly there was a bright flash of light that temporarily left both girls slightly disoriented. When their eyesight returned, certain members of the Kingpin's minions had surrounded them armed with chains and leather saps and wearing oddly shining body armor. "Mrs. Firemage, our boss has been looking for you for a very long time. It seems you cost him some valuables the first time you both met and he wants you to pay up," the leader of them seemed to slightly smirk as he spoke. "As for you...Ms. Daniels was it? You may seem harmless but we are not taking any chances. Grab them!"

Growling, Jenna and Corrine both took out their wands but nothing happened when they cast a simple spell to blind them. "You really think he would send us out without magic nullifying gear?" the goon laughed. "Now then boys let's show these two what it means to really fight!" Before they could attack, Jenna and Corrine were already in motion and using a combination of simple martial arts to defend themselves while Corrine was trying very hard to communicate telepathically with Jayariel and Jaegarjumi for aid.

However it seemed she could only get what seemed like static and it soon became clear these goons were not ordinary ones but apparently high on a new drug of Dr. Fulkhearth's. Within a few minutes the witches were too worn out to further defend themselves and in a matter of moments both were knocked out. "Boss send in the transport," their leader said, speaking into a small communications device. "We have your..guests." Within what seemed a few seconds a camouflaged stealthy and silent small coptor appeared next to the group and the girls, taped up tightly with the duct tape the goons had discovered in Corrine's pocket, were on their way to an unknown fate..

The first part of the evil plot had succeeded and no one at the Academy was even aware that two students had been abducted. For at the same time Jenna and Corrine were being overwhelmed, all methods currently of communications from the grounds to mortals only were suddenly cut off as a mysterious unearthly fog slowly began to condense around it. Though it clearly was magical in nature, alas only 'walkers were powerful enough to communicate mentally through it at the very least and unfortunately none were free at this time who were Academy allies.

"I do not understand why I can not locate my sister and Corrine even via magic," The Inkling said to Headmaster James Starrunner and his wife Headmistress Bobby Starrunner a few hours after they had left without anyone yet knowing of what was to occur. "Scrying as well as telepathy do not seem to work and I have already looked throughout their dorm and usual classrooms too. For all my efforts I only seem to be getting a strange buzzing sensation." "Chad you are far from the first to have picked up on this," James began to say slowly. "Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup first reported it several hours ago when he found that Jaegarjumi had somehow escaped from the statuette and he was unable to call the panther back. He afterwards went after her, but found that some sort of invisible magical barrier had surrounded our Academy trapping us. It appears we are under siege from a dark power for reasons I hesitate to think about."

"Wait a minute, you are telling me that even you two who are the most powerful human magic users here can not determine its cause?" Chad Rockwell also known as The Inkling was astonished. "How can this be? Even our old enemies never used this strong of magic against all of us entirely in the old days when we fought against them to defend the world from their evil darkness. Something is very wrong here." A bright light suddenly appeared in the room the three were speaking in and when it faded away, the legendary Fae Child Goddess Aphrael Aphrael stood there who was the academy's oracle appeared looking very distraught. "We are in mortal peril," she said. "A dark force none of you have ever encountered has arrived here on Earth and it is after you Chad and your siblings first then the entire Academy and then Superhero City and Earth. I wish this day had not come so soon, despite the fact I predicted it James when you were still a student here." Suddenly her eyes and face turned pale and as they tried to help a dark cloud seemed to enter her mind and without a word she suddenly collapsed! Immediately, the school nurse Collette Sackville-Baggs was summoned while the others tried to figure out her mysterious remarks. A few moments later Collette teleported inside "This is bad," she said not long after checking on Aphrael. "Physically she appears fine while asleep. Magically however, this is not any type of demonic or evil fae magic I have ever seen before."

Several hours passed before Aphrael began to slowly awaken. She saw that she was now in the Academy's hospital dormitory and her bed was surrounded by the staff and many of the students there with frightened looks and grim expressions on their faces. "W-what was I saying before I collapsed," she asked her mortal sister Sephrenia Darklighter who was standing nearby. "From what I have been told you were talking about an old magical force you had encountered before but new to everyone else," she slowly replied. Though Aphrael could see how hard it was for her to keep her emotions in check, there was no doubt that possibly one she knew what was happening to her.

"Thank you Sephrenia," the goddess said trying to help her feel relaxed. "I knew this day was going to come eventually in regards to my physical health but alas some things are foreordained eternally. Simply put, my current avatar form (body) is nearing the end of its life expediency and when that time comes for me to create a new one, until it is finished, I will be unable to be contacted via any form of communication. In other words, I am slowly begining to die of old age physically. But before that time comes I need to tell you all the nature of the new evil beseiging your academy as well as make.."arrangements" for a new "vessel" to hold my essence until my new body is completed."

"Long ago when planeswalkers first came to this planet millennium before Supreme Hero City was even a far off distant dream, not all of them were good ones. Truthfully, there were those who desired nothing more then to enslave humanity and use this planet to rule their sinister agendas from. But the good ones in that ancient period of time banded together and put a magical barrier into place that shielded this planet from them for a very long time and in doing so, they enabled humanity to grow into the many ancient to present civilizations known today. However, one of these evil walkers decided that he would devote his life to finding a way to break that magical seal and claim Earth for his own. His name is known as Nicol Bolas and he is one of the most powerfully evil walkers still alive today."

"When I was created to be a Goddess to the Styric people long ago, the Gods and Goddesses of Earth had no idea at the time that Planeswalkers even existed for you see, even back then they had the magical ability to fully shroud themselves from deities of this world and this was done to prevent us from knowing of their existence. But that time of peaceful unawares was soon going to end in an awful way. A minor deity of my race was accidentally discovered by one of these evil walkers and was brutally murdered and then not only were their memories erased from their avatar shell and their soul seemingly scattered forever, but this walker created a new avatar for them based on this innocent victim and used this form to begin corrupting Earth's Gods to become more evil then ever they were before."

"For many centuries this walker went unknown among the councils of the the different Gods of Earth's races until one day the spirit of its murdered victim long ago was found to have reincarnated and in that instant all became aware she had been murdered. You see, that was my very first reincarnation."

"The anniversary of my original death soon approaches in this millennium and as it does my current avatar will become weaker. Beware for Nicol Bolas seeks to destroy me again fully and wreak chaos and destruction on thi planet and all of its inhabitants. He must be stopped but you must be careful for he has long been able to read my every thought since he first killed my original form." With that Aphrael slowly fell into a deeper coma...

A few hours previously to the last post above Corrine Daniels slowly began to groggily awaken. The last thing she could remember was that she and her long lost cousin Jenna Firemage had been ambushed by the Kingpin's thugs and surprisingly being defeated even though the odds had hardly been in the favor of the two teenage witches. As she slowly began opening her eyes, Corrine already knew she and Jenna were in serious trouble. She could easily feel her tape wrapped tightly around her and unfortunately was well aware of its magical properties to not only prevent those restrained thus from using magic to escape but even worse it had the secondary enchantment built into it that made it more tighter the harder said captive struggled to escape as the tape used their physical strength against them.

The room she and Jenna appeared to be in seemed out of a museum of horrors judging by the Gothic looking medieval instruments of torture positioned around. An Iron Maiden, several stocks and a bed of needles and several chains attached at positions along the walls that looked made of ancient mortar. As for the smell, to Corrine the scent was suspiciously like that of a female demon' she seemed to almost recognize but why?

She and Jenna were currently seated and taped still back to back in cold steel chairs, because she could feel her cousin's hands taped near hers and looking down she could see her arms were not taped to her front or the chair sides. Her mouth was currently not gagged but having been a captive many times in her old world, she knew better then to try to make any noise for now.

Soon she heard and felt her cousin slowly beginning to awaken. Corrine had no idea if Jenna had ever been a captive before physically, but she did know about the years of magical brainwashing her and her twin brothers had endured which had made them all enemies until the enchantment had finally been broken several months earlier. Jenna silently too quickly came to the same conclusions of Corrine. Even though she was more worried about how the Kingpin was going to treat her younger cousin rather then herself, she still inwardly cursed herself for not making the connection between them being relatives sooner and then and there she silently vowed that after they escaped, she would do more reading up on her family history and the Academy archives.

Suddenly a door that neither had noticed because it blended right into the wall nearest them opened up and in walked The Kingpin. "I was worried my men had been too eager in their want to please me and their desire to test the newest drug craze sweeping the city," he said to both angry looking witches as they stared defiantly at him. "But you both appear to have extremely resilient bodies and bones. Who knew that there were other females like that darned pink haired punk Pink just as deceiving with physical strength and able to use magic? My men will have to recover for many months from the internal bruises you both left on them when they captured you both."

He smiled humorlessly. "Mrs. Firemage, do you know how much it cost me to refit my office after my first encounter with you? $345,999,789,00.00 dollars. Even by my wealthy standards, replacing the artwork was so hard because I had to travel all over the world to steal the originals your magic ruined the copies of. At least in Greece I found it more profitable to trade for then steal for once."

He smiles as though remembering something humorous to him. "Ah yes, your friend Alex Murphy the police officer spotted me there. I'm so sorry he had to be...temporarily removed from the picture but I hear he has recovered very well indeed. Maybe in the future, if I decide to release you two, you can tell him I honestly did not tell my chauffeur to run him down. Apparently someone tampered with my vehicle's brakes and well I'll simply say they have been punished indefinitely."

"As for why you both have been brought to my Winter retreat outside of Superhero City, well someone who hates you both more then even me offered a sum for your captures alive, a sum more then any amount I have ever accumulated in the past. Who they are I do not know as it was an email even my hired computer hackers were unable to trace. But they should be here shortly." Just then a green mist suddenly began appearing mysteriously out of nowhere which knocked the two witches out only. It was an anti magic form of chloroform.

Meanwhile back at the academy things were getting scarier. With Aphrael fully in a coma the teachers were helpless as they tried to communicate their school's plight to their friends outside the barrier. Students were beginning to ask questions and for the most part nothing the teachers could think up was really working as a means to distract them.

Jayariel was beginning to lose his composure which was very difficult for one of elvish and fae blood such as himself. In spite of all his many attempts to telepathically communicate with Corrine or Jaegarjumi he had not been successful in either way. His brow slowly took on a dark evil countenance which was lucky since he was in his room by himself as he realized he had one more way left to communicate but it was extremely dangerous. Locking his door, he set up a Dark Ritual barrier formed from his own physical blood and his own life force to prevent any of good magic from disturbing him until finished.

Now that he knew no one was even able to scry upon him at the least or break inside his magically enchanted room at most, Jayariel took out his scimitars from their scabbards and holding each hilt facing him in his wrists, he began a long complicated prayer to Sehanine Moonbow the Elven goddess of the moon, autumn, and love. If he could not communicate with his love through magic or physically then he would through dreams themselves but to do that he needed the guidance of one of the most mysterious Elvish deities. As well he was very much aware that rituals at night and honed through moonlight and blood were more dangerous but also held higher chances of success and thus did he pray to her for guidance.

All night long from what his senses told him was sunset to sunrise he chanted as he sat in a circle surrounded by bloodied silver candles. Every half hour and every hour he had slowly and methodically bled himself from a vein onto one of the candles until it was bloodied from wick's fiery tip to the very base and all around as well. If his summons was not answered soon he knew he would perish as his life grew fainter with the loss of blood so regularly but he had no chjoice. He would sacrifice all to find Corrine and if necessary save her.

Right before he could begin cutting deeply into his neck, a silvery light slowly began to appear in his room. Carefully he slowly bowed down and laid his body between the candles in reverence as he knew his summons had finally been answered.

As Sehanine materialized, her lilting, musical voice drifted to his ears. In a form of Elvish last heard physically before the sundering of the races, she intoned, "Dark One, the passion of your heart has called to me... what would you request of me?" "Oh, Lovely One, hear my plea... I have been unable to mentally reach either my companion or my soul-mate because of this wretched barrier which has entrapped my self and my friends... I know not how, but we will likely perish without your assistance."

She looked at him with compassion, and raising her hand, Jayariel was surrounded by a silvery light, healing him of his self- inflicted wounds. She smiled and replied, "Dark one, speak your words to your soul-mate... by my art will she receive them, and be able to return hers, as well..."

From within their captor's mansion, Jenna Firemage and Corrine Daniels were still somewhat in denial at what The Kingpin had told them. Jenna knew he was truly angry at her, as much as any self-respecting of the still living game bosses would at this time. But beginning with the cloud of smoke which had induced her and Corrine directly back to sleep again they had awakened to learn from minions of his evil empire that a Zigonian Armada had recently appeared over the skies of Earth and all the superheroes and villains had banded together to withstand its awesome might. Curiously enough no one from Ice Ray Academy had shown up though and this worried Corrine greatly. In her heart she suspected that the evil from her and Jayariel's past was responsible for this but dared not say it aloud for fear Jenna might revert to her previous persona of evil and wickedness.

Now however reports were coming in of a strange new phenomenon in the city: Magic users both good and evil were suddenly falling into comas as well as being unable to communicate with their respective leagues. Corrine wondered quietly if this same unknown as yet force was why Jayariel was unable to hear her telepathic cries for help as she and Jenna were now in cages made of the same anti magic material in steel form as the tape she wished she had never had.

Suddenly a bright silvery light appeared in the air between her cage and Jenna's and an Elvish woman dressed in grey clothing appeared. "Listen well young heroines for good that ye both are," she whispered silently into their minds. "A sinister force has blocked your family and close friends from Ice Ray Academy from leaving their grounds and has prevented them from contacting anyone they are friends with including planeswalkers who are their ally's. Know that this is the ancient magic of the evil elder dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas at work. He seeks to devour all the magic here on Earth to hasten the demise of Aphrael the Child Goddess and bring to pass not only his own physical manifestation here on Earth but also the death of every god and goddess here either good or evil and the resurrection of the one who him and return of those who are evil fallen Elves that you both have faced in triumph to this world."

A look of anger appeared and disappeared fast from her visage as she continued to speak. "Corrine your betrothed Jayariel Drillowup summoned me in a deadly ritual, that were it not for the bond of love you two have shared these long decades together in your youthful looking human body, he should by all that is holy to the Gold Elves should not have survived. But I have been watching you both clearly unawares to Lloth all these years since you and him first met and know I am pleased that your relationship has long lasted. To this I have granted Jayariel the boon for now that you both may communicate through my power which normally I would not allow as I am usually a neutral deity."

Corrine knew then and there her fiancee had taken a dreadful risk. "Oh Jayariel," she whispered softly as tears fell from her eyes through the cage bars to the stone floor hundreds of feet below. "I can tell you little at this time. The Kingpin's minions have captured Jenna and I and we are his prisoners in his mansion near the New York/ Canadian border as he told us only a few hours ago. However he has put into place anti fae technology to prevent you from breaking in and only later did we learn that other magic users were being stricken by a mysterious malady that I now know is because of Nicol Bolas. Jayariel, if you can hear me listen. You will have to find Jaegarjumi first."

To her amazement Jayariel's face appeared in the air before her cage and Jenna's. "Corrine thank you. I truly was afraid you and Jenna were in comas..or worse. The barrier Sehanine has described to you is very powerful. It has prevented any of us at the Academy from physically or magically leaving the grounds or by reaching anyone by means of communication. However all is not without hope for if I can not escape my barrier if you Sehanine will allow it I must contact our human friends Alex and Krystal Murphy. Despite Krystal being Fae and Alex having Fae blood in him due to the transfusion she gave him before they were married because of the grave injuries he received in Athens they by themselves cvan not help to rescue you both. However their friends and leaguemates in Turbulence can. In return you both must listen carefully. Aphrael is dying and there is a secret entrance buried far beneath Superhero City to the Underworld. To save Aphrael, a party of magic and fae, super and regular humans must undergo the voyage there to retrieve her soul from where minions of the 7 Deadly Sins who are servants of Bolas at this time have it well guarded. For you must know that without her soul, being recovered and brought again to the light of day Aphrael will not be able to reincarnate and the world will fall into a new and deadly Ice Age. this will lower the temperatures and expand glaciers all over so an old ancient evil buried deep within this planet long before the Elves were created might awaken and escape its eternal captivity. In modern times this evil had the ancient name of Zarel and he was an ancient humanoid of unspeakable power and he served that dread being that all we have faced are minions of: The Demonic Planeswalker Kuthuman but here though a cult has long in secret worshipped him under the innocent moniker of EA. Bolas if he succeeds in his task will allow Zarel to break free and Kuthuman to return here from the magical exile he has been within in the far dark side of the universe that the Zigonian and Amazon homeworlds have long bordered."

Having left the Undercity, Krystal contacted Alex and discovered that Jenna and Corrine had been missing for several hours... atempting to call the Starrunners at SHCU, she discovered that all communication was cut off to the dorm building and by questioning those in the area, that some of the Kingpin's thugs had been spotted in the area... shortly thereafter a strange fog had surrounded the dorm and was expanding over the rest of the campus. "First things first, Jenna and Corrine may be in danger... if not, they may know the cause of the fog barrier around the campus..." Moments later, Krystal crouches just inside the fence at the Kingpin's mansion. As she observes the goon's set to patrol, she notices that her magic seems to be 'blocked' somehow... "Now how will I get past those thugs?", she thought. As she watched, a cat screeched behind the patrolling thugs. The three thugs each instantly pulled a taser from their belt, then saw the cat and began to quietly curse and re-holster their tasers. Krystal thought to herself, "Now that gives me an idea..." A short time later two thugs drop Krystal's apparently unconscious body in the cell with Jenna and Corrine. "That'll teach these capes to try to rescue you.", the thug in charge growled. "Hang her sword on the wall opposite the cell door... I want this smug b--th to know we're better than her." The three thugs kicked the unconscious form a few times, glared menacingly at Jenna and Corrine, and then filed out through the barred door of the cell. Jenna turned to Corrine and said quietly "Do you think she's alright? As Corrine started to answer, Krystal groaned, grimaced at the cuffs on her wrists, and said quietly, "I've had better days..." Krystal worked her way to a sitting position, then grinned weakly at Corrine and Jenna. "We thought that they had tased you unconscious like they did us...", said Corrine. "They certainly tried... guess they forgot, since I've been suppressing it for a while, that electrical generation is one of my powers. I took it for a few seconds to make it look good then shorted out their batteries..." Krystal's muscles bulged and her cuffs burst with a crack of metal snapping. she then freed the girls from their bonds. Pulling a small, but powerful magnet on a thin chain from a small pocket hidden beneath her belt, she reached between the bars and began to swing it towards her sword, hanging on the opposite wall. "They have set up an anti-magic ward somehow, and since you two were their intended targets, they thought that was enough. Against magical powers it would be, and they 'think' they know how to handle 'supers', so they got a little lazy... it never occurred to them that any one with a little knowledge of...", -swing-, "science...", -swing-, ", and the ability to think...", -swing-, "can do things without powers or magic...", -clank-, "... now let's get out of here."

As the fog enchantment grew more dense around Ice Ray Academy and Super Hero City University's campus, inside the situation was more dire. A few hours after Aphrael fell into her coma with no signs of awakening anytime soon, all of the students teenage years through baby age suddenly turned into werewolves. The evil female lycan's curse upon the children of the Headmaster and Headmistress had unknowingly infected every non adult there with the Lycan curse. As a result the nurse was swamped between trying to figure out the cause of this disaster and returning the Child Goddess Aphrael to full usage of her facilities.

Sephrenia Darklighter, Aphrael's mortal long lived sister and high priestess along with Headmistress Bobby Starrunner and assisted by her husband and the Chad twins were currently trying to learn as much info about Despaira as could be accessed with the limited Internet access within.

Headmaster James Starrunner was in a private research spell barrier in his office of his own casting that enabled him to call upon the wisdom of all previous headmasters of the academy. So with everyone so preoccupied it was very easy for Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup to sneak out. He had to find Jaegarjumi before Despaira could turn her into a full lycan and so he used an enchanted mask that turned him fully into a normal human with no abilities that could be detected and thus he managed to walk through the barrier to escape.

Alex thought he heard someone moving in the fog. As he crouched silently, he thought he saw a dark figure moving with incredible stealth. Placing his hand above the figures shoulder, he grabbed and spun the figure, at the same instant phasing his body to prevent the figure from attacking."Who are you?"he demanded. "What have you done to the University?" "Alexander Murphy if you value your physical wellbeing you will unhand me at once," he spoke in the quietest whisper possible. "Death stalks SHC currently but not in any form you ever have encountered before to date in your brief mortal life." "Sorry, Jay... I didn't recognize you... any idea what's going on?", Alex asked. "Terrible things Alex," the drow replied after having removed the mask oncde free of the fog. "For now we must stay away from the Academy until further notice lest we become victims as those inside have. Where is Acidburn at? What I must tell you she must be told as well. The future of SHC for now depends on us."

"Krys left the Undercity a few hours ago... 'said' she'd gotten a message from Corrine and Jenna... she was headed to the Kingpin's mansion, but nothing for the last hour or so..."

"I would have escaped sooner but any being with any magical abilities currently in this locale and other parts of SHC is in mortal danger." Jayariel took several deep breaths trying to not let his emotions get the best of him. "The fog currently in SHC is supernatural from an evil even more ancient then the Titans or the Lords of Hell or the Seven Deadly Sins and even older then Sin and Lucifer himself. But in this locale around ?Ice Ray Academy only a magicuser who can fully hide all magical traces about them could have escaped the barrier my colleagues are now trapped within. Despaira has been in the Academy and left with my companion Jaegarjumi and her uillusions have bewitched her into thinking she killed me."

"Hold on, I'll try to contact Krys." Alex concentrated for several minutes. "I can't reach her.", he said with a confused expression. "I can feel her presence in our bond, but all I hear is ... silence." "C'mon... this worries me... let's head for the Kingpins Mansion..." "Magic will not be useful for the time being Alex," Jayariel said to him. "All those who use magic in fact will soon become prey for an evil darker then a demon or a god and we had better get going lest you being trapped like those I was forced to leave behind." "Let's go.... uh...any idea which direction out of this damn fog?" "No GPS on hand? No surprise there. Follow me," Jayariel said and they began heading a mile away from the foggy areas and then Jayariel used one of his very limited magical abilities to fully cloak him and Alex in blackness. "This is a Globe of Darkness and my race use it in combat to do stealth killings. Tonight though I think I can use it like my mask to disguise us both so you will not be detected."

Once they were clear of the fog, Alex paused only long enough for Jay to activate his ability, then headed at his enhanced top speed for the Kingpin's lair ignoring objects that were in his path as he phased through them.Chanting quietly Jayariel took out some paint and a brush. "In case my magic fails I must disguise you as a drow Alex. Do not panic because I assure you I am not attracted to males at all and I despise doing this even more then you will despise how it affects you." "Oh, very well... but be quick, will ya..." In a few minutes he was done and he also took out some very antique enchanted clothing for him to wear. "Get changed fast."

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Krystal, Corrine and Jenna were searching the cells around their former prison... a youngish woman was seen laying on the floor, wearing only a shear garment that left little to the imagination. "Young lady, let's get you out of there...", said Krystal. She looked ath the oddly dressed woman as if she was begging for help, scars were placed along her body where her birth symbol of a moon was." Per favore ... dovete aiutarmi ...."

Krys answers her in perfect Italian... "I will open the door and we'll get you out of there..." She quickly pick the lock, and opens the door. "Come, child of the moon." She tried to stand but a painful brace was on her ankle. A nail drived between Her ankle. She looked at the brace, knowing it could not be broken by herself but with someone else's power." È ... è necessario rompere il tutore che mi delimita." "I understand... hold very still..." Krys concentrates for a moment, then her muscles bulge and the brace began to groan and crack... in a few moments the metal gave way with a loud snap. She screamed in a bit of pain, standing then leaning against the wall to regain what strength she had left to make it out. Before leaving, she grabs a thin short sheet to cover her lady parts.She followed behind the woman slowly but surely.

"Krystal can you find us the fastest way out with the least amount of guards?" Corrine asked. She knew Jenna had been here before but was worried that since then the Kingpin might have rearranged the mansion floors. Krystal thought for a moment... "They patrol, so I can't be certain of thier current position, but this is the way they brought me in." She points to a corridor ending in stair going up. The cousins scowl at each other. "Be careful. He might have those hired muscle of our favorite human mad scientist though why he would hook up The Kingpin is not currently known," Jenna said. They started up the corridor when suddenly doors on both sides sprang open and hundreds of the thugs that had captured her and Corrine came running out.Her eyes widened as she stopped behind them. Unable to fight she took cover to also avoid detection of escape.

Moving as fast as thought itself Krystal began to disable or disarm the men. and seal the doors by breaking their locks. After a few minutes those disabled regained full usage of their temporarily useless limbs. "Dammit this is what happened to us too!" Krys cried out... "Eyes closed!" as she threw a small device she had had conceal in her belt. Brilliant white light flooded the corridor.Both cousins threw the new girl beneath them as they covered their eyes tightly. Though unused to certain abilities of Krystal's where technology was concerned they knew not to take any unnecessary chances. As the men stood blinking, one could hear the crash of bodies falling on every side.

She held what seemed like her bangles that kept her in line"Io sono un fiore fragile," she spoke shyly as she looked down at herself. Once all the thugs were disabled, Krys removed her armor (useless stuff, for her anyway...) and offered it to the young woman... underneath she was wearing a standard black unitard with long sleeves and legs.She grabbed the armor and looked at it strangely. Before putting it on,she has a hard time putting it on."This way," Krys said as they reached the top of the stairs. As the group of women made their way through the ground floor of the mansion, and found their way outside. The sounds of hand to hand combat could be heard.As the combatants came into view, Krystal smiled broadly. 20 on 2, and Alex and Jay were still giving them the worst of it.

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