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Avengers : Age of Ultron recently hit theaters and with it came a bunch of easter eggs and teases.But there may have been a few you missed,for instance the AI chips Friday and Jocasta.

On your left!
On your left!

Lets first focus on Friday,Friday was created by Tony Stark to replace Pepper Potts as a new secretary .In the comics Tony starts using her less and less until she finally freaks out on him,He figures this is due to her "teenage" years kicking in thus causing her to act this way.Due to this He and with the help of Jarvis raised Friday.I really doubt them going this way in the MCU but its surely an interesting read in the comics.While Friday is a cool bit its really Jocasta that we should be focusing on,why?

Well Jocasta is a very interesting character from the MCU,she,like Vision was a Ai turned robot by Ultron.But Ultron created her as a "Partner"or as his wife,in fact Jocasta was based off of Janet Van Dyne who is married to Hank Pym (Antman) who created Ultron in the comic,also in the Comics she is a member of the Avengers.Her name and origins are based off the Greek mythology of the woman with the same name.In Greek mythology she is a daughter Oedipus who married his mother (Which is why Ultron named her after Jocasta,as she was based off Janet,Or Ultron's mother).Its a really interesting story line that I suggest you check out.


So do you think its possible to see Jocasta in the future?Comment Below and let me know


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