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I love Horror Movies,Marvel Movies,Three's Company, l love writing poetry :)
Izzy Wizzy

She’s that girl with greenish red hair that I see walking down the street. Every time I see her i want to smell the air because it smells like cherries and green apple trees and I see her brown puppy eyes staring back at me. Part 1

She’s that girl that always visits the green apple tree. Shes the one who is always dancing in front of me. Shes the one who is always watching over me and She wants me to be like the green apple tree so She has a better view over me and so She doesn't have to worry where i will be so She can find me. She hopes we can be more then just a dream more like reality. Part 2

Her Brown Puppy Eyes Are Brighter Then The Sky

Her Blood Red Lips Will Haunt Me Until I Die


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